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      The play--HAS TIME ARRIVED

Starring: Jesus christ, Satan & God opediaology.

Both Christ and Satan keep discussing on a matter. Godopediology stands on their back 30 mts away and wait till both look at him.

JESUS: O, GODO, you have come, we were discussing about you.

GODOPEDIOLOGY: About me, what is it?

SATAN: The time of judgment is nearing on planet earth and we have received the message of GOD and this time we want a person who can deliver
it to the world.

GODOPEDIOLOGY: what message CHRIST? Can you explain it?

JESUS: The much awaited time of uniformity on earth is yet to arrive, wherein there will be no rich, poor and all the people will lead a life of uniform equality. Money would get abolished and everywhere you will find a equal level of lifestyle, free from boundaries and you don't need to hold a citizenship of a country but you would be a cosmopolitan. Still we have lots more to come which we both haven't read completely. It would take some time to understand the message completely. So you go as a messenger and spread this gospel to the world.

GODOPEDIOLOGY: You both take your time and read the message completely. I will wait till you finish off the entire message.

SATAN: It will take some time.

GODOPEDIOLOGY: I will wait till that time.

SATAN: Can't you understand what I mean?

CHRIST: Wait SATAN. GODO some time refers to decades and sometimes even centuries. You need to know that the time in heaven and earth aren't the same, it is completely different. What is seconds here might be months on planet earth and years on other planets. So you go now and keep spreading the gospel of GOD and when we finish with each lines, we will update you and when the message gets completed, the earth would have got its savior. Alright. Now leave.

GODOPEDIOLOGY looks at both of them and fares goodbye and closes his eyes and when he opens his eyes he realizes that he has just awoken from a dream.


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    Jul 31, 2019

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