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One morning Emily woke up showered and did what she needed to do. She went and made breakfast then went to woke her little sister up. When Emily got to her sisters room she heard a window shatter so she ran into the room and noticed her sister Loran was gone. Emily yelled "Loran where are you" after a minute of yelling for her sister Emily ran down and picked up her phone she then called the police. Five minutes later there was a knock at the door when Emily opened the door there was no one there so she looked down and found a letter. The letter said "meet me at the park at five in the afternoon tomorrow or else…" Emily panicked and called her friend Wolfie. Wolfie turned wolf and ran over to Emily's. Once Wolfie got there she ran inside to find Emily sitting on the couch crying with the letter in her hand. Wolfie walked over and took the letter then read it. Emily said "what am I going to do she's gone and it's my fault" Wolfie said "no Emily it is not your fault". Emily said "but she is not here right now is she" Wolfie said "no but you are not the one who took her so don't worry we will find your little sister" Emily had tears running down her face so Wolfie walked over then hugged Emily and said "stop crying if any one can find Loran I can I am her aunt so We will find her". Emily said "ok what do I tell her school" Wolfie said "you tell them that she is very sick and that she wont be at school for a while because of the sickness" Emily said "what if they dont believe it". Wolfie said "then I will go down to the school and make them believe it" Emily said "oh ok". So Emily called the school and told them that Loran was sick and etc. But while Emily was on the phone Wolfie went up stairs and turned wolf then sniffed Lorans scent out. Emily looked around for Wolfie but couldn't find her so she went up to Lorans room and found a beautiful but big white wolf looking out the window. Wolfie turned around and seen Emily then barked Emily walked backwards until she was out of the room then she shut and locked the door. Wolfie said "Emily you alright" Emily said " i am just going to call my other friends to see if they can help us". Wolfie used something in her eyes to see the trail of Lorans scent but when she turned around she seen two or three people and a big cage standing there at the door so she panicked then growled at them. Emily said "please don't hurt her" one of the people said "you called about a wolf and we came to gat it so we are going to do what ever we have to do to take it". The people walked towards Wolfie and she walked backwards until her wolf butt was against the wall. Emily left the room and sat in the living room. As the people got closer Wolfie started to try to bite them but as she went to bite one a nother one got her and soon she couldn't get freed or bite any one cause the people who are vets gave her sleep shots and she was asleep. They put a muzzle on her then put her in the cage and took her down stairs to where Emily was they said "well your wolf problem is gone if you need any thing else just call" Emily said "thank you guys very much and make sure that she is released far away from me" one person told the rest of the men to take the wolf to the car and said to Emily "ok we will do that in a few months" Emily said "what do you mean in a few months" the dude said "miss we have to make sure she doesnt have any diseases and make sure she is ok and everything else" Emily said "oh ok well just dont hurt her" the guy turned and left then drove to his lab. They got to the lab an hour later then took Wolfie inside where they were holding two others. Once they put the cage down and left the room Wolfie woke up and said "hello any one there" she heard a young girls voice said "aunty Wolfie?" Wolfie said "Loran is that really you" Loran said "yes its me" Wolfie said "are you ok did they hurt you or anything" Loran said "o im fine but I'm really scared cause they told me that they were bringing in a wolf and they were gonna feed me to it" Wolfie said "well that wolf wont be eating you" Loran said "what do you mean" Wolfie said "I am the wolf" Loran said "no your not" Wolfie pulled the blanket off of the cage she was in. Loran said "your not a wolf aunty" Wolfie said "watch" Wolfie turend wolf and Loran said "does sissy know" Wolfie said "thats the problem" Loran saud "why is that the problem" Wolfie turned human and said "thats why I'm here because she seen me and freaked" Loran said "oh ok but I'm still scared and I want my sissy" Wolfie said "Loran listen to me I will get you out of here no matter what happens you will always be safe" Loran said "ok". The people came back and seen that Wolfie was awake but in human form and one said "so your a hybrid" Wolfie growled and Loran said "aunty" the person said "shut up" Wolfie turned wolf and said "don't tell her to shut up" the guy said " what ever men get the wolf and take her to the room for a fun hour or two". All the other men picked up the cage that Wolfie was in and took her to the room for experiments. The guy who told them to walked up to where Loran was and said "you are next so be ready you little brat" Loran said "I'm not scared of you all you are is a big jerk" the guy said "oh we will see who the jerk is once the wolf is done with her work" Loran said "she is not a jerk…". She got interrupted as the guy said "SHUT UP LITTLE GIRL" Loran sat down and backed away from the guy who was standing at the front of the cage. Wolfie said "let me out now" one of the guys hit the cage and it indented a bar so once the cage was put down and a blanket was thrown over it Wolfie started to try to break the cage. An half an hour later some one went into the room where Wolfie was and uncovered her cage she was in wolf form acting to be asleep so she didn't see the people put a sleep shot near her just in case. The person picked Wolfie up and put her on the bed that had straps then started to strap her down when she stood up and attacked the guy and he fell on the floor. Loran was still sitting there when some one opened the cage door and grabbed her by the arm so she screamed Wolfie heard the scream so she reacted and ran back to find Loran in a mans grip and she was crying so Wolfie growled and the guy quickly let go of Loran so Loran ran over to Wolfie and hugged her and said "he was going to hurt me if I didn't listen so I screamed" Wolfie said "yeah I heard but now we have to get out and get you home" Loran said "ok but there is more people coming" Wolfie said "how do you know that" Loran said "I don't know I just hear people running down the hallway this way". Wolfie said "are you part wolf" Loran said "no I don't think so" Wolfie said "oh ok". Wolfie leaned down and said "know how to ride a horse" Loran said "no" Wolfie said " well you are about to learn get on" Loran got on Wolfies back and held on Wolfie ran through the building trying to find an exit. Loran said "do you hear that it sounds like a person who is hurt" Wolfie said "yeah I hear it lets go find out what it is" they jogged through the halls until they went into a room and found a young boy with black curly hair violet eye a fluffy tail and silky ears so Wolfie walked slowly then ran and hid with Loran still on her back as two men walked in to the room and went over to the young boy and did what they did then they left. Wolfie walked over to the boy and said quietly "are you ok boy" the boy didnt say anything so Wolfie helped him up and carried him on her back with Loran. An hour or two later Wolfie found the front door but when she went through the front door there was a group of people with different things standing there looking at Wolfie and them. Wolfie walked around the group once they got around she took off. The boy was sitting behind Loran and she said "I'm Loran whats ur name" the boy said "my name is Tyler" Loran said "nice to meet you Tyler" Tyler said "nice to meet you two Loran". Loran yawned and Wolfie said "we are almost there just a little longer" Tyler said "if you want to you can lean on me and sleep until we get to qhere ever we are going" Loran leaned back and Tyler held on to her and held onto Wolfie then Loran fell asleep. After a few minutes they got to Emily's house Tyler held Loran until Wolfie turned human. Wolfie held Loran and knocked on the door Emily answered and hugged Loran then said "what did you do to her wolf" Wolfie said "i did nothing to her if this is about you finding out my secret then your wrong i would never hurt my niece because I love her" Emily said "leave and never come back" Wolfie said "ok I will leave but when ever you need my help dont call or text me and when ever Loran wakes up you can tell her how you told me to leave and never come back" she then turned wolf and left Tyler already was gone. Emily put Loran in her room and Emily sat in a rocking chair in Lorans room to make sure she wasn't kidnapped again. Wolfie kept running until she got to a cave and went in. She turned human and started crying so she decided to go and watch over Emily's house so no one can take Loran or Emily. So Wolfie ran back to Emily's house and stayed in the shadows. Loran woke up and said "aunty? Where are you" Emily walked over and sat on the bed. Loran said "where is aunty" Emily said "she left and said that she was never coming back" Loran said "but she said that she would always protect us forever and she also said that no matter what we would always be safe" Emily said "people change and people lie" Loran said "you mean like mommy" Emily said "what do you mean" Loran said "when i was born mommy sent me away until i turned human but you never seen me because mommy wanted you to hate people who can turn into animals so you were being babysat the day i was born" Emily said "no i was there i even held you" Loran said "no you didn't you did not hold me and you were not there when i was born". Emily looked down at the ground and said "you are all human and not part animal mom and dad told me that you were so cute and showed me a picture of you in with the rest of the babies". Loran said "do you have a picture of that" Emily pulled out a piece of paper and handed it to Loran. Loran looked through the picture and said "see the tiny baby bed way back in that corner all alone" Emily said "yeah" Loran said "thats me way back there away from the normal people" Emily looked closer at the name and seen that Loran was telling the truth Loran said "I want aunty" Emily said "i told you what she said". Loran stayed laying down and said "ok" Emily said "go back to sleep cause you have school tomorrow" Loran said "ok sis but can you try to get aunty to come back" Emily said "I will try to now get some sleep". Loran went back to sleep and Emily texted Wolfie 'please come back I am sorry about what I said earlier thank you for bringing my little sis back to me and i am sorry that i got scared and called them people on you but my little sis wants you and I need you so if you are mad at me then I understand if you don't want to come back but I am truly sorry'. Wolfie texted 'sorry but you told me never to come back to your house so I will not and you think that I would hurt Loran so no I am staying away from your house for ever'. Wolfie turned her phone off and blocked Emily, Emily looked over at Loran and whispered "I am so sorry little sis" then she went to bed. In the morning Loran woke up and made breakfast then went and woke up Emily. Emily got up and said "shouldn't this be the other way around where I am waking you up" Loran said "come on our food is getting cold". They both went down and started eating when Loran said "so is aunty coming back" Emily quickly changed the subject and said "we better get rolling so you are not late for school" Loran ran up stairs and got dressed then got her book bag then ran downstairs and said "I'm ready" Emily watched Loran walk and get on the bus. Once the bus left Emily said "Wolfie where ever you are I need you to keep an eye out and watch to make sure that Loran is safe I don't care if you protect me just protect my little sis". Wolfie heard what Emily said so she ran and followed the bus up in the tree's. Soon Wolfie got down in the road and was right behind the bus Loran was sitting in the very back of the bus and one of her friends said "wow everybody look there is a white wolf following us"Loran turned around and Wolfie winked.Loran said "thats my aunty" every one else said "yeah you wish that you were that cool" Wolfie heard that then ran up the side of the bus so the bus driver stopped the bus Wolfie tried to get in so Loran walked up to the front and said "may I get out my aunty will give me a ride" the bus driver said "there is a wolf out side of the bus and you want me to let you out" Wolfie layed down and looked at Loran then said "I was told to give my niece Loran a ride" the bus driver opened the door and Loran got on Wolfies back then the bus driver started back on her way Wolfie stayed right behind the bus all the way to the school the kids seen Loran on Wolfies back so Loran said "I told you this is my aunty" the kids all said "wow you are now like the coolest kid in school". Wolfie ran beside the buss and passed it all the kids on the bus seen flames on the road then disappear as Wolfie ran faster and faster soon they were at the school and Loran was getting off of Wolfie when the principal pulled Loran away and took her inside Wolfie then got surrounded by the same people who took her when Emily called on her but this time the principal called.Loran said "Wolfie noooo…" the people who surrounded Wolfie put her in a muzzle. Then they stuck her in a cage Wolfie growled then before Loran got into the school she got out of the principals grasp and screamed so loud every one plugged their ears and fell to the ground Wolfie got out and ran over to her the vet people used those long white sticks with the plastic at the end and put it around Wolfies neck to stop her. Two or three people had to get Loran inside the school and into the front office so the principal could call Emily. Wolfie said quietly "sorry kid I let you down" and she put her head down and had tears running down her face. The people took Wolfie away and back to the lab then made sure that she couldn't get out this time (p.s. if you know wolfie she always escapes and keeps her promises.). Wolfie fell asleep while in the cage on the car ride to the lab. When Wolfie woke up she was human and strapped down to a metal table her wrists her ankles and her whole body was strapped down so she couldn't get up or out. The people were not in the room so she tried to get up but some one walked into the room because of camera's and he said "don't even try to leave because your last escape now we have people at every single exit and every single door and down every single hall way" wolfie said "who says i have to try" the guy poured a little bit of wolves bane on the straps. (Wolves get burned by wolves bane) Wolfie started to yell she said "I guess you don't know me I'm Wolfie and I always escape and keep my promises who are you" the guy said "I am Tom and i am a mythical creature hater and if you continue to talk I promise that you will have the most worst time here ever so shut up" Wolfie said "fine and sorry that I was trying to be nice" Tom walked away then two other men went in and hooked up machines for the starting tests Wolfie said "what are those for" one of the people said "for the starting of your tests" Wolfie said "starting? How many will there be" Tom came back in and said "Wolfie need to get rest so do you two mind" Wolfie then got a sleep shot and said "if thats all you got thwn I'll be awake for a while because I am not tired" the two men gave her two more each and she passed out then Tom did what he did. Loran was sitting in the principals office waiting for Emily to get there so she could talk to the principal. Five minutes later Emily walks into the office and said "whats going on is my daughter ok" the principal said "your daughter was riding on the back of a vicious wolf" Loran said "SHE IS NOT VICIOUS SHE IS MY AUNT AND YOU JUST SENT HER AWAY TO SOME STUPID DEATH TRAP PLACE WHERE THEY DO EXPERIMENTS AND EVEN POSSIBLY KILL HUMANS THAT ARE PART ANIMAL SO IF I NEVVER SEE MY AUNT AGAIN I WILL NEVER EVER FORGIVE YOU" the principal said "Loran can you go wait in the hall way please" Loran got up and sat in the hallway. Soon Emily walked out and said "lets go home and you are grounded missy" Loran got up crying and ran. Emily said "Loran get back here right now" Loran kept running and running until she got home she went up to her room and locked her door then sat there crying. Emily soon got home and went to get into Loran's room but the door was locked so she said "Loran please let me in I want to talk to you". Loran said "go away Emily I don't wanna talk to you" Emily said "please come out and talk to me little sis" Loran said "GO AWAY" Emily said "fine I guess you don't want any ice cream". Loran said "I DON'T WANT ANY ANYWAYS SO LEAVE ME ALONE" Emily went down stairs and sat in the living room and said "that usually works with her but now she desperately hates me". Up in Loran's room she prayed for Wolfie to be safe and return home safe and sound and to keep her big sister safe and to keep her safe as well then she layed down and fell asleep. Emily went to her room and just layed there then one hour later Loran got up and got ice cream then ran back to her room then locked the door again. Loran went out her window and ran trying to find Wolfie. Emily got up and went to Lorans room then said "I am sorry that I yelled but I say let's go down stairs and talk but no yelling" she stood there for like five minutes then tried to get in but the dooor was still locked so she thought that Loran was just sleeping so she went back and read a book. Loran said "Wolfie where are you" a big wolf about Wolfie's size so Loran hugged and said "Wolfie you have escaped I love you so much I…" the wolf said "I'm not Wolfie but I am a wolf and my name is Carlos but my friends call me CJ and who might you be little one" Loran said "umm nice to meet you Carlos I'm Loran" CJ said "just call me CJ and what brings you out here all alone to my big spooky forest" Loran said "I am looking for my aunt Wolfie she was taken by people who do tests on Supernatural creatures" CJ said "can I help" Loran said "sure" CJ said "what does ur aunt look like" Loran said "she is your hight and fully white Wolf but some times she's in human form" CJ said "like this" he turned human. Loran said "yes exactly like that but female and yeah" CJ said "we better get a move on before it gets dark" Loran said "ok" they headed on their adventure to find Wolfie. Around five hours later CJ was carrying Loran cause she was tired and her legs hurt from walking a lot. An hour later Loran said "that building right there that is where they are holding her" CJ said "lets rest for tonight then we will go get her tomorrow" Loran said " ok but we need to keep an eye out cause they have gaurds a lot of gaurds" CJ said "ok just go to sleep" Loran got down and sat down looking at the building then studied it CJ tried to talk to her but she was focusing on studying the building. CJ sat down beside her and she looked at him he said "Loran it's getting late I will keep watch while you sleep but I have to get sleep two" Loran said "ok sorry" she layed down and fell asleep uncomfortably so CJ layed Lorans head on his chest so she's more comfortable. In the morning CJ woke up Loran and said "lets go get your aunt" so they got up and Loran told him what to do. They went into an entrance where there were no guards then Wolfie woke up and Tom was doing different tests on Wolfie so CJ said "I think she is in that room over there" Loran said "if they are already doing the tests then I'm going to say that you are correct lets go". As they went to the room Wolfie said "leave me alone"  Tom said "shut up you stupid wolf" Wolfie said "NEVER" she went up in flames and Tom backed away and said "haha you have fire proof straps so you still can't get up" he left the room not seeing CJ or Loran. They snuck into the room Loran said "aunty are you ok" Wolfie said "Loran watch out there is a bad guy behind you" Loran looked and seen CJ then said "no he helped me find you" Wolfie said "wait how do you know him" CJ looked at Wolfie and started to drool a little bit. Wolfie was no longer in flames and Loran was unstrapping the last one and Wolfie turned wolf and jumped then landed on Tom and he hit the floor Loran backed away affraidly so CJ turned wolf and said "Loran's aunt get back there with her I will take care of this guy" Wolfie ran to where Loran was and said "get on" so Loran got on and they were ready to run. CJ made a path for Wolfie to run past and get out. After they got out CJ ran out and seen them and when he got up to them they ran to CJ's home wich was a two story house with like 3 bedrooms on each floor and 2 bathrooms on each floor it also had a play room and a pool and every thing that any one could ever ask for. Wolfie followed CJ and started to slow down when they got to his house Wolfie said "wow this is amazing". They went inside and CJ turned human Wolfie let Loran get off then she turned human all three of them were now inside and CJ said "you guys hungry" Loran said "a little bit" Wolfie said "I am a little hungry two" CJ said "ok make ur selfs at home while I prepare some food" Loran ran through the house looking around and seen the play room then said "I'm gonna play is that ok" CJ said "yeah of course". Wolfie went to the play room and sat on the stairs CJ carried the food down and handed it out to Wolfie and Loran and he had a plate of food for him too. Wolfie said "thank you" CJ said "your welcome" Loran continued to play as she waited for her food to cool down some CJ and Wolfie laughed cause Loran was being funny while playing.Wolfie said "Loran why don't you eat then you can go play again" Loran said "ok aunty" she smiled over at Wolfie then sat down and ate her food CJ got done then Wolfie got done and CJ said "are you done or do you want more" Wolfie said "I am done thank you that was good" CJ said "ok and your welcome and really usually all my friends say they don't like it". CJ went up stairs and washed the dishes then Loran got done and Wolfie took the plate up to CJ then when she was handing the plate to him he touched her hand while grabbing the plate CJ said "sorry" Wolfie said "its ok" CJ went and finished washing dishes and Wolfie said "I am Wolfie and sorry I didn't introduce my self earlier" CJ said "Im Carlos but you can call me CJ and same here" Loran ran up and said "KISS" out loud by accident and then ran back down to the play room Wolfie said "Loran come here please" Loran ran back up and said "yessss" Wolfie said "uhhh why did you say kiss when you ran up here" Loran said " CAUSE I WANT YOU GUYS TO GET TOGETHER" she said quickly and Wolfie and CJ said "well even if we did get together we would have to get to know each other more and better". Loran said "mhm" Wolfie said " hehehe ummm what just happened its almost like we were one once…"CJ said "before". Loran said "it happened again haha" she ran back down stairs and went back to playing. Wolfie and CJ looked at each other then ran down stairs and talked to Loran for a few minutes. Wolfie sat on the stairs and Loran whispered to CJ "go over there and sit down with her and talk to her" CJ whispered "do you really think it will work" Loran said "I'm her niece I know what to do I think" CJ walked over than sat down and said "so what do you like to do in ur free time" Wolfie said "what free time are you talking about I have free tim all the time if Im not getting yelled at to never go back to a family members house or locked up and I love to hang out with that little girl right there she is like my life" CJ said "wow that was beautiful and I could see why you say that she is like ur life because she is so sweet and adorable just like her aunt" Wolfie said " yeah and which aunt are you talking about" CJ said "uhhh you". They talked for like five or six hours Loran started to get tired bcause. It was around 8 at night so she walked over and said "aunty I am tired" Wolfie said "I forgot we have to get you home" CJ said "can you guys stay for tonight please" Loran said "aunty please" she walked over to CJ and hugged him so he picked her up and she accidentally fell asleep so Wolfie said "ok fine but just because I love Loran and cause she's sleeping" CJ said "ok I'll show you ur roomand her room r you two can share a room or you could sleep in my room or…" wolfie said "hey now don't push it" CJ said "just joking" Wolfie followed CJ to the room that Loran was gonna sleep in so CJ layed Loran down on the bed and covered her up then CJ said "so where are you sleeping" Wolfie said "well I don't wanna be alone so Im gonna sleep in here" CJ said "ok well good night I guess". Wolfie layed down and said "good night CJ" CJ walked out and shut the door then went to the living room and watched a movie or two then a really bad storm came and woke up Loran so she screamed cause she never been in a bad thunder storm before CJ ran up and swung open the door Wolfie was hugging Loran and trying to get her back to sleep but it wasn't working CJ said "whats wrong" Wolfie said "she has never been in a thunder storm like this bad" CJ said "oh thats not good" Loran was hugging Wolfie really really tight Wolfie said "do you think you could help me out CJ she is really scared" CJ said "yeah of course" he walked over on the other side of Loran and sat down Loran said "I want my mommy" Wolfie said "we are not going out in that storm Loran im sorry" CJ said "why dont you two come and join me Im watching a movie" Loran looked up at Wolfie and Wolfie said "sure". They went down and watched the movie. As they watched the movie the storm went by and soon it was an all clear night sky and Loran was leaning against Wolfie who was sitting on the couch beside CJ who yawned and put his arm around her, she looked over at him then back down at the movie. Once the movie was over Wolfie was sleeping and leaning up against CJ with Loran who was also sleeping and leaning up against Wolfie. CJ whispered "hey, Wolfie you still awake" Wolfie shook her head so CJ laughed quietly cause he didn't want to wake up Loran. CJ said "do you want me to put Loran in her room" Wolfie didn't budge so CJ just sat there and soon enough he fell asleep. In the morning Loran woke up and went to wake up CJ but when she seen Wlfie leaning against him she didn't want to ruin anything so she went and played in the play room. Loran found play food and set up two bed breakfasts and put a short note on each one then it had the names. When Wolfie woke up she seen the fake food and didn't feel like sitting up cause CJ's arm was around her so she just waited until CJ woke up. CJ woke up like five minutes and sat up then Wolfie sat up rt before he did they both ate their fake food and CJ took the dishes and the fake food back to the chef (Loran). Loran said "so did you like your breakfast" CJ said "i didn't like it I loved it you are the best cook any one cook ask for" Loran said "is aunty awake yet" CJ said "yes oh and thank you for the letter" Loran said "ok and your welcome" then he picked her up and carried her to Wolfie and they tickled her then Wolfie remembered "oh dang it Loran we have to get you home" Loran said "why aunty" Wolfie said "your sister is probably worried sick by now" Loran said "ok" CJ said "bye guys keep safe on ur travels and please do come back and visit" Loran said "ok CJ bye" she hugged him bye then he said "bye Wolfie keep safe and warm oh and make sure that little angel stays with you at all times" Wolfie said "bye CJ and I always do so don't worry about that" they hugged bye then walked out side Wolfie turned wolf and Loran got on her back and held on CJ handed Loran a stuffed animal and a letter then Wolfie took off heading for Emily's house where there were cops getting information about Loran to go and find her then Emily said "she's back omg my little sis". Wolfie stopped on the opposite side of the street when she seen Emily Loran got off and Wolfie walked into the middle of the road so Loran could cross. Once Loran was hugging Emily the cops had guns with tranquilizer darts in them pointing at Wolfie so she turned and ran back up the hill and Loran said "aunty where are you going" Wolfie looked down at Loran then Emily then all of the cops then whispered "I promised that I would protect you for ever so thats what I'm going to do" Loran ran out into the road and a car was coming Wolfie went to get her but CJ got Loran out of the road in wolf for the cops said "both of you wolves get on back to the forest where you belong or else you will be put in a pound CJ ran up to Wolfie and said "come stay with me" Wolfie said "I promised her that I would protect her for always and for ever and I let her down" CJ said "you did not let her down" Wolfie said "oh really thats why she almost got killed by a stupid car cause she was trying to come over to me" CJ said "lets go we are about to get shot by cops cause they don't understand" Wolfie said "no I'm not leaving her ever again I promised wait who's that" Wolfie seen a boy get out of the car and walk over to Emily they talked for a bit then then Emily watched Loran be taken by the dude so with the cops still pointing the guns at Wolfie and CJ. wolfie ran down and ran right to Emily and said "what in the world is that guy doing with her" Emily said "I figured that she could go with my fiance to get on with her new life before I moved out there two" Wolfie said "you know that I love her so why is she leaving" Loran looked back at Wolfie with tears in her eyes and running down her face. Wolfie said "Loran noooo, Emily I want her and you to stay please I cant live with out you two" Emily said "I leave tomorrow and she leaves today with her soon to be brother in law" Wolfie said "no please don't do this to me I never done any thing to you" Emily said "let me see first you take her off of the bus then she yells at the principle then she goes missing for two or three days because you were taken away and locked up like you should be you stupid mutt so don't even try to find our new home" Wolfie turned human and fell to her knees and started crying so Loran tried to run back but the dud put her in the car and Emily said "actually I am going today as well" she went and got in the car. Wolfie saud "LORAN NOO I NEED YOU EMILY I MADE A PROMISE THAT I WOULD ALWAYS PROTECT HER SO NO MATTER WHAT I WILL FIND HER AND KEEP HER SAFE…" CJ ran over to Wolfie and said "are you ok Wolfie" Wolfie shook her head and said "Can we go to ur house" CJ said "yeah lets go" Wolfie turned wolf then followed CJ back to his place. They turned human and went inside CJ said "want something hot to drink" Wolfie said "no thank you all I want is for Loran to be here with us right now" CJ said "me two the last two days that we have hung out and got to know each other more and more it felt like we were supposed to meet" Wolfie said "I loved her like she was my sister or actual daughter and I felt like I belonged but now it feels like I should have… oh thats what I should've done" CJ said "what should you have done" Wolfie said "I can't do that then she would hate me for life" CJ said "Wolfie it's ok just chill out I know how you feel" Wolfie said "NO NOBODY KNOWS HOW I FEEL BECAUSE EVERY ONE I HAVE EVER LOVED HAS EITHER ABUSED ME OR LEFT ME OR EVEN TAKEN SOME THING THAT I TRULY DO LOVE AWAY AND SAID THAT I COULDNT SEE IT EVER AGAIN AND WHEN SOME ONE SAYS THAT I CANT SEE SOME ONE EVER AGAIN I JUST WANNA KEEP MY PROMISE AND IF I HAVE TO BREAK A PROMISE THEN I WOULD BE TERRIBLE AND RIGHT NOW I HAVE TO BREAK A PROMISE AND TRUST ME I HATE BREAKING PROMISES" CJ said "ok ok ok we will figure something out but for now will you go out on a date with me to save some one that since I have seen them at first sight i have loved her and her niece but if she is sad then I promise to try to make her happy" Wolfie said "no I can I am sorry I just want to go lay down and be alone for a little" CJ said "ok I am just going to sit in the living room and be lonely" Wolfie said "if you really do love me then you don't know me that well"CJ said "yes I do really love you" Wolfie said "are you ready to live up to ur promise" CJ said "as ready as I'll ever be" Wolfie then fell onto the couch while passing out CJ caught her and made sure that she was on the couch then he seen one of his bosses walk through the door and said "wow you did it you got my new pet" CJ said "she is not your pet so leave her alone" the boss said "oh your correct she's my guinea pig but she's a wolf so thank you for completing your mission" CJ said "THIS ISNT YOUR STUPID GUINEA PIG IF YOU REALLY WANT A GUINEA PIG THEN GO GET SOME ONE ELSE TO GET IT FOR YOU I love her with all of my heart" the boss said "ha love is a strong word" CJ said "at least i actually have some one to love and hang out with all you have are soldiers and im not one of them and i never was so now GET OUT OF OUR HOUSE AND LEAVE US ALONE FOREVER" the boss said "your little wolf is right PROMISE is a strong word and a big word that you shouldn't use it unless you use it correctly" CJ said "I know this and by the way you will never take her from me because She is protected" the boss said "who is protecting her" CJ said "I AM PROTECTING HER AND IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THAT THEN YOU CAN SEE IF YOU CAN TAKE HER BUT I WILL ALWAYS PROTECT HER I PROMISE" the boss had people go and pin CJ to the ground and grab Wolfie but as soon as they grabbed wolfie CJ went full blown wolf and got every body off and away for a few seconds then the cops shot him with a dart for sleeping. Loran said "Emily I DONT WANNA GO SO IF YOU DON'T TAKE ME BACK TO AUNTY THEN I WILL RUN AWAY FOR EVER AND EVER THEN YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO FIND ME" Emily said "is this because she rescued you because if so I'm the one who called and sent her there both times because I never wanted her to come back and so thats why we are moving so that way she will never find us and so that way you can start a new life" Loran said or yelled "I WANNA STAY WITH AUNTY I HATE YOU BECAUSE YOU DON'T EVEN LIKE ME AND IF YOU LOVED ME THEN YOU WOULD HAVE NEVER SENT HER AWAY SO LET ME OUT" Emily said "no because mom told me to keep an eye on you so even if i have to lock you in a basement with no windows just to keep you at home then thats what I will do" Loran got so mad she turned into her fox form and Emily said "there's a fox in the car" so her bf picks up Loran and through her out the window into the grass because he didnt want her to go any ways Emily said "thanks bebe" her boyfriends name is Tom and he also hates hybrids. So Loran was now hurt and alone so she watched her adopted sister leave her behind then she looked towards her home where Wolfie her real mother was so she walked but her right arm hurt her so she was crying and walking trying to find Wolfie and CJ. She got back to her old house and went inside to see if Wolfie was there. So while Loran was inside her house as a human cause she turned back Wolfie and CJ were being loaded up into a car in cages Wolfie had a blanket over her cage but CJ was uncovered an hour later CJ woke up and looked around he then noticed that he was not able to get up. Wolfie started to move around and when she woke up she didn't see CJ so she stood up and walked towards a door that was lock she said "CJ where are you where are we" she didn't get an answer so she sat back down on the bed. Shortly after Wolfie sat back down the door was being opened so she turned wolf and growled when the door was fully opened it was a guy but he had two or three other people Wolfie said with a growl "let me go now" the guy said "hmm no sorry little wolf but I dont really like to let hybrids run wild so your going for a little ride" Wolfie said "no I am not I am going home" the guy said "let me introduce my self Iam Bryan who are you" Wolfie said "you know who I am stupid" Bryan said "ok Little wolf are you gonna come nicely or forcibly" Wolfie said "I AM NOT GOING WHERE EVER YOU ARE TAKING ME" Bryan said "ok so by force men you know what to do" Wolfie turned into flame wolf so Bryan said "I guess she wants CJ i think is the other wolves name who i sent to catch her to get hurt" Wolfie said "what do you mean for him to catch me" Bryan said "ohh he didn't tell you" Wolfie put her flames out and said "tell me what" Bryan said "I hired him to get you alone so I have been watching his house and he has done a good job" Wolfie said "no nooo that can't be true be.. Because I… I love him" Bryan said "to bad he don't love you so boo who" Wolfie said "I dont care I am a lone wolf any ways". They talked for a while the Bryan said "lets go" she was now in a muzzle and there was two people holding a leash each on each side of Wolfie walking down a hall CJ looked at the hall way and seen Wolfie then he said "Wolfie don't go please" Wolfie growled then slipped out of the collor then ran into CJ and said "just like i said before who ever I start to love or even like turn their backs on me" CJ said "what are you talking about" Wolfie said "well why did you want me to go back to your house after Loran left" CJ said "because I wanted to ask you out but you looked like you needed a friend so I didn't ask you out" Wolfie said "or is it because you were getting me alone for your stupid boss" CJ said "that was before I met you because my boss found me all alone as a little pup so he turned me into some one who goes and gets different kinds of hybrids for him but I didn't know any better then he sent me after you but that night when I met Loran I knew that I had to help her find you that little girl is like an angel full of light and every thing else but I also knew that I couldn't I couldn't let you get hurt and that I was to protect you and her but I let you both down I am so so sorry" Wolfie helped CJ up and said "I am sorry that I believed Bryan" CJ said "I am sorry that you don't have your little angel with you any more" Wolfie heard a soft cry like a baby fox then she said in a whisper "Loran we have to go get her so you up for a little adventure" CJ said "heck yeah lets go". Bryan said "where are you two going" CJ said "we are going to find an Angel who we both love so get out of our way" Bryan said "sorry but Wolfie has to stay" Wolfie growled then CJ said "NO SHE IS NOT STAYING HERE WITH YOU ALL YOU WANT IS WOLF PUP BUT THAT ISN'T GONNA HAPPEN ESPECIALLY IF IM STILL HERE"Bryan said "fine she can go but I will get you both back and who ever else is living with you" CJ had already taken the Muzzle off of Wolfie then they took off and ran to the front of Emily's old house in wolf form Loran said "Wolfie where are I need you" Wolfie walked into the house and found Loran sitting on the couch crying and holding her arm so Wolfie walked over and kneeled down in front of Loran and said "what is wrong Loran" Loran looked up and said "Emily made me mad I turned into a fox and her boyfriend tom through me out the window now my arm hurts really bad" CJ walked over and said "let me see your arm" Loran held out her arm as much as she could and CJ put his hands at the top and the bottom of her arm then healed her arm. Loran said "thats weird my arm don't hurt any more" CJ said "I just healed ur arm" Loran hugged CJ and Wolfie at the same time then said "I am so glad that all three of us are back together do you agree aunty" Wolfie said "CJ wanna go back to your house I kinda have to tell you both the truth" CJ said "yeah of course Loran wanna get on my back or Wolfie's back" CJ and Wolfie turned back to wolf form and Loran got on CJ's back they ran to his home turned human and went inside. Loran was still of CJ's back so CJ put her on the couch beside Wolfie then he sat down as well but Wolfie said "ok Loran your mother is not dead and CJ I do like you" Loran said "what do you mean my mommy is not dead" Wolfie said "the day you were born the doctors took you away and told me that I would never see you again then I turned wolf and got taken away then when ever I found out that you were living with Emily she said that I was not your mother and that I am just a friend who you would call me aunty so thats why when you went to school I was right there where ever you went I was there with you even if you couldn't see me i was there" Loran said "so you are my mommy and not my aunty"Wolfie said "yes" Loran hugged Wolfie and said "I love you mommy". Wolfie said "I love you to sweet heart" CJ said "Wolfie I know that we don't know each other that well but will you go out with me" Loran whispered to her self "please say yes, please say yes" Wolfie looked at him and said "I dont know it depends on if you like kids" CJ said "yes I love kids" Wolfie said "then yes i would love to go out with you" Loran said "YAY OMG YAY" Wolfie said "well im happy to see that you are happy Loran" CJ said "me two" Loran got up and hugged them both and they hugged her back. Loran said "CJ will you play with me" CJ said "uhh sure" Loran grabbed his hand and went to the play room and they started playing Wolfie went down and sat on the stairs and watched them play. Loran said "mommy come play with us please" Wolfie said "ok ok im coming" she got up and played with CJ and Loran. A few hours went by and it was now around five in the afternoon so CJ said "who wants dinner" the girls both said "we do" CJ said "ok I'll go make dinner" Wolfie said "we will clean up this room" Loran said "and I will go watch a movie" CJ said "Wolfie there goes your help" they all started laughing and Loran said "i will help you mommy" CJ went up stairs and cooked dinner while his two girls were cleaning up the play room. A few minutes later CJ said in a loud voice "Wolfie,Loran dinner is done" Loran ran up stairs laughing with Wolfie right behind her tickling her. Loran said "do you need help with the table CJ" CJ said "sure" Loran helped CJ get the food to the table then the three of them sat down and ate dinner. An hour went by and CJ said "I'm going to clean up so Loran you can go pick out a movie if you want or you can go play" Loran ran to the living room and picked out three movies. CJ started to pick up and Wolfie said "do you want some help with cleaning up" CJ said "hmm nah I got it but you can go and see what Loran's up to" Wolfie said "are you sure" CJ said "yes I'm sure" so Wolfie went to the living room and said "how many movies are we gonna have CJ watch with us to night" Loran said "three" Wolfie said "can I see" Loran handed Wolfie the movies that she picked out. Wolfie went back to the dining room and said "I hope ur not tired" CJ said "why" Wolfie said "Loran has more then one movie picked out" CJ said "good cause I am not tired at all" Wolfie said in a murmuring voice " h huh you say that now" CJ said "did you say something" Wolfie said "nope not at all" CJ got done with cleaning up and went and joined the girls in the living room to watch the movie's. A few hours later...Everyone was settled. Loran was asleep, curled up in Wolfie's lap, as Wolfie gently petted her head. CJ was snoring softly nearby, and Wolfie felt herself dozing. "Mommy?" Wolfie called downstairs. Her parents were fighting, again, but it had gone strangely quiet. She creeped down the carpeted stairs and screamed. Her mother lay limp on the wood floor, her limbs in all different directions. Her eyes were a dull grey, staring up at nothing, and her mouth hung open, her lips a sickly blue. Her violet dress was stained with a crimson color. Blood. Wolfie raced to her side, nearly gagging as she stepped in the large puddle of blood. She held her mother's hand. It still had some warmth to it. Then she turned around and her father was towering over her, knife in hand. His clothes were stained red and his eyes were wild. Wolfie shrieked and forced her legs to move up the stairs. She grabbed the phone and dialed 9-1-1. 

"Help me, my daddy--he--my mommy--he killed her! Help me! M-my address is 202 Willow Avenue--AHH!" Wolfie's father grabbed her ankles and yanked her away from the wallphone. She screamed and kicked and scratched at him. He didn't stab her, though, but injected her with a needle with some sort of purple liquid. Wolfie felt her eyelids droop and fell into a dreamless sleep. When she woke, she lied on a  stiff mattress and sat up. A room full of girls, all asleep, in rag clothes and messy hair. An orphanage. Wolfie yawned, and her teeth pricked her lips, drawing blood. Wolfie poked her canines, pricking her finger. What the...? Wolfie stood, staggering, and found the small bathroom. She gasped. Her ears were gone, replaced by pointy animal ears in her knotted hair. She felt something brush her back, and saw a silky tail that had torn a hole through her black jeans. A man was suddenly behind her, hitting her and knocking her unconscious. Wolfie jolted awake, startling Loran and CJ by screaming. CJ was instantly at her side and Loran wrapped her arms around her in a comforting embrace. CJ asked "You ok?". Wolfie said "I'm sorry, I just had a bad dream..." CJ said "oh ok tell me what its about" Wolfie said "i am truly sorry if i startled you both" Loran said "it's ok mommy" Wolfie said "are you sure" CJ said "yeah of course we are" Wolfie said "ok" Loran yawned and Wolfie said "go back to sleep sweety" Loran said "ok mommy can we go lay down on a bed" Wolfie said "yes we can" Wolfie stood up holding Loran and carrying her to her room CJ walked beside them with his arm around Wolfie. Wolfie layed Loran down on her bed and layed down with her Loran cuddled up closely to Wolfie staying warm in the kinda cold house and Loran seen CJ just standing there in the shadows so she said "CJ will you come lay down with us two so you are not lonely over there standing in the dark" CJ said "oh umm ok sure" he walked over and Loran said "you can lay behind mommy or you can lay right here" she pointed to beside her and CJ said "I will let you choose for me" Loran said "right here behind mommy" CJ said "is that ok with you Wolfie" Wolfie said "yeah that's fine". Like five minutes later Loran was sleeping and so was Wolfie CJ was sleeping with his arm around both of the girls so they don't have night mares. In the morning CJ woke up and noticed that Wolfie and Loran was still sleeping so he got off the bed as gently as he could so he didn't wake them up and he went to the kitchen then made breakfast which was the choice of waffles pancakes or toast. Once he got done he found two trays put breakfast on them with a little letter just like the one he recieved from Loran then he took the trays up like a waiter would carry the trays. He went into the room just as Wolfie and Loran was waking up he handed one to Wolfie and the other to Loran then said "breakfast is served" Loran said "thank you CJ" Wolfie said "thank you very much CJ" CJ said "you both are very welcome". Loran started eating and CJ and Wolfie started eating shortly after her. Ten minutes later they got done eating and Loran said "CJ can I help you with the dishes" CJ said yeah you can if you want to" Wolfie said "can I help two" CJ said "nah we got it" Wolfie said "oh ok gee thanks" Loran said "mommy you don't need to help with the dishes because you are a women so you shouldn't have to help" CJ said "ok but ur a little women Loran" Loran said "shhhhhhh CJ don't say that im a women im a young girl" Wolfie said "CJ you just got told by a three year old" CJ looked down at the ground and got the dishes then walked out of the room with Loran following him with the rest of the dishes. Wolfie just sat there doing nothing. Loran put the dishes in the sink then ran back to where Wolfie was and jumped on to the bed Wolfie said "want to see if we can go to the park" Loran said "yeah i wanna go to the park" Wolfie said "ok lets go ask CJ" Loran got off of the head then took off running down stairs to CJ and said "CJ can we pretty please go to the park" CJ looked down at her and she was sitting on her knees with her hands together and had big puppy dog eyes in human form Wolfie was standing in the door way and said "how could you possibly say no to that face" CJ said "uhhh uhh ummm yes but after I get done with the dishes" Loran got up and hugged his leg cause of how small she was so he patted the back top of her head and she ran to Wolfie and said "he said yes yay" Wolfie said "good job little one". Loran grabbed Wolfies hand and went to the play room and said "will you help me decorate it please" Wolfie said "sure how though". Loran said "we can use the toys thats in here" Wolfie said "ok why don't you show me how you want it" Loran said "ok "Wolfie sat down on the stairs and watched Loran decorate the room with the toys in the room. CJ walked down and said "wow Wolfie did you do this" Wolfie said with sarcasm "no i could never do this are you crazy" CJ said "so who did it" Loran said "mommy I havefinished decorating what do you think" CJ said "I'm not Wolfie but I love what you did to the room" Loran said "oh thank you CJ but you weren't supposed to see it yet" Wolfie said "but it's fine" CJ said "I was just coming down to get you both so we can go to the park" Loran said "ok I'm ready" Wolfie and CJ laughed then CJ said "well lets go then" Loran walked over and CJ picked her up and put her on his shoulders. Loran said "do we go in a car or do we run" CJ said well i don't have a car soo" Wolfie said "so we run" Loran said "ok" they got out side Wolfie turned wolf then Loran got off of CJ's back while he turned then she got back on CJ said "are you ready Loran" Loran said "yeah" CJ and Wolfie started running and Loran was holding on. An hour or two later they arrived at the park so CJ let Loran off she ran and played Wolfie sat down in her human form on the bench CJ layed on the bench beside her but he stayed in his wolf form. loran got to the top of the play ground and waved to Wolfie and CJ then she looked around and seen some one from her school so she sat down and they looked up at her she looked away and got off of the top of the play ground then continued to play the kid walked up to Loran and said "hi Loran"  Loran said "hi John anna play with me" John said "sure what are we playing" Loran said "pirates and wolves" John said "oh sounds fun who is the pirate and who is the wolf" Loran said "I don't know ohhh and wanna know something cool" John said "sure and ok" Loran ran over to her mom and hugged CJ John walked over and said "wow that is a big dog" Loran said "this is my mom and this is CJ" Wolfie said "hello" John's dad yelled for him because he couldnt see him John said "hi i have to go though my dad is calling for me" Loran went back to playing and John ran over to his dad and said "Loran has a really big dog daddy" his dad said "show me the big dog" John walked over to Wolfie and said "big dog" John's dad said "son I forgot we have stuff to do like buy groceries and go buy a swim suit for you" John said "but today is the day that we go to this park and play" his dad picked him up and got in the car then drove away. Loran watched as he left and she ran over to Wolfie and said "by the way that was John" Wolfie said "how come you never told me about him do you have a crush on him" Loran said "no i don't have a crush on him"as she started to blush Wolfie said "oh ok what ever you say" CJ said "I am sorry if I scared his dad I guess his dad don't like wolves or big dogs as John called me soo are you done playing or are you still playing" Loran went back to playing. A few hours went by and it was now like 4 or 5 in the afternoon Wolfie said "Loran time to go home" Loran said "ok coming" CJ got off of the bench and Loran got on his back then Wolfie turned wolf and they were on their way home when a cop stopped them Loran said "uhh may I help you officer" the cop said "where is your parents little kid" Loran said "these two are my parents sir" the cop said "so you don't have any human parents" Loran said "uhhh I am a wolf" the cop said "young miss will you get off of that wolf and come here please" Loran said "sorry but we have to get home because if we don't a mountain lion it gonna eat me and my parents will be very upset and then ask you why you wouldn't let us go home" the cop said "I need to ask you a few questions" Wolfie said with a growl "didn't you hear what she said and plus I am her mother so let us PASS" the cop said "young late get off and away from those wolves right NOW" Loran said "but my mommy and dad will be mad at me for getting off of my dad's back" the cop said "fine but stay right there I will be back" Loran said "mommy and daddy sit and wait the cop will be right back" Wolfie and CJ sat down and Loran sat between them CJ said quietly to Wolfie "did she just call me daddy" Wolfie said quietly back "yes I do believe so" CJ said "yay" Wolfie put her head on Loran's head then Loran said "he's not looking turn human" Wolfie and CJ turned human then the cop walked back over and said "young lady you have to … come with… me" Wolfie said "but I am her mother and this is her father" the cop said "where is the two wolves that you were with young lady" Loran said "they had to go so my mommy and daddy got here before the wolves left" CJ said "may we go home now sir its getting late and we still have to cook dinner give our daughter a bath and get her to bed for preschool tomorrow" the officer said "ok have a nice night and sorry for the inconvenience" Wolfie picked up Loran and carried her on her side then CJ went and grabbed Wolfie's hand and they started walking home and the cop got in his car and left. Once they got home they went inside and Wolfie put Loran down and CJ said "I'll cook dinner while you get her in the bath and cleaned up" Wolfie said "ok" CJ went into the kitchen and started cooking Wolfie took Loran to the bathroom and told her to take a shower then sat in her bedroom while waiting for Loran to get out of the shower. CJ got done with dinner and set the table put the plates of food down on the table and everything else. Soon after that Wolfie carried Loran down CJ said "dinner is…" Loran interrupted him and said kinda loud "done" CJ started laughing Wolfie said "so what's for dinner" CJ said "well I wanted to try something else so I made hamburgers and I didnt know if you like hamburgers soo" Wolfie said "sounds good CJ" CJ said "lets eat dinner then watch movies or play in the play room" Loran said "ohh what's that" while she was getting off of Wolfie's back and sitting down at the table CJ and Wolfie laughed when they seen Loran's face. Loran said "why are you two laughing" Wolfie said "uhh we are not… laughing" CJ said "yes yes we are" Wolfie hit him playfully then CJ decided to sneakily give Wolfie a kiss on the cheek but she turned her head and he kissed her lips Loran laughed and Wolfie started to blush and CJ said "uhh hehe my bad" Wolfie said "oh really" she continued to laugh and Loran said "what's so funny mommy" CJ silently walked out of the dinning room and sat in the living room Loran said "uhhhh where did CJ go" Wolfie looked around and said "CJ where are you cause i need to talk to you" Loran started eating the hamburger and then stopped eating and said "I don't feel good mommy" Wolfie said "ok lets get you to a bathroom sweety" Loran quickly got up and followed Wolfie to the bathroom as soon as she got in to the bathroom she got sick and Wolfie held Loran's hair back and out of her face then CJ ran in and said "she ok"? Wolfie said "she ate one bite and said that she didn't feel good now she is getting sick" CJ said "oh I am sorry" Loran said "it's not your… fault… CJ" CJ said "oh ok do you feel better or do you still feel sick to your stomach" Loran said "Iam tired but i still don't feel good" CJ said "ok well why don't you lay down for a bit and we will check on you but me and Wolfie have to talk" Loran said "ok" she stood up and Wolfie held her hand because she always does Loran got in bed and was laying down Wolfie kissed her forehead then said "good night Loran" Loran said "good night mommy and good night CJ" CJ said "good night Loran" Wolfie and CJ turned the light off and shut the door almost all the way leaving a crack so a little bit of light could get in. They went to the livingroom and sat down beside each other CJ said "you know that i have the ability to heal" Wolfie said "yeah I know" CJ said "but i don't have the abilities to help some one get unsick so if she still feels sick in the morning we will have to take her to the hospital" Wolfie said "but she will freak out" CJ said "ok but she will be fine though" Wolfie said "the last time i was at the hospital was when I had her and they said that I would never get to my daughter again" CJ said "well they won't say that this time because if they do I will have to take my badge with us" Wolfie said "badge? For what" CJ said "when I was younger before i worked for Bryan I worked for the cops I was their only cop wolf all the other dogs were scared of me and I was kinda scared of them" Wolfie said "you scared of something ow that is surprizing" CJ said "yes I know but what about you what happend to you when you were little" Wolfie said "uhhh I don't want to talk about it" CJ said "ok" Wolfie said "one of these day's we should go visit your parent's" CJ said "ok and we can visit yours two" Wolfie started crying so she stood up and walked away then sat down on the stairs that lead into the play room. CJ walked over to her and said "I am sorry if I said something that made you sad but you never told be about your past" Wolfie said in a loud like tone and with tears running down her face "do you really really want to know then fine I will tell you but for right now I need some alone time" CJ said "oh ok and yes I really do want to know" Wolfie looked up at him as he stood and she said "I dont really want to be alone because I've been alone for a while and thats because of my father" CJ sat down and said "oh ok what happend if you want to tell me" Wolfie yawned and said "when I was a young girl i woke up to my parents fighting and then it went quiet so I ran down the stairs to find my mom… laying on the ground with blood around her then I was by her side then I look up and see my father with a knife standing there so I panicked then ran to a phone and called the cops then my dad pulled me away and i blacked out when i woke up i was in a room full of girls…" CJ said "oh I'm sorry" Wolfie leaned on CJ and he put his arm around her and she fell asleep by accident so CJ picked her up and carried her to a room then he layed her down while she was still asleep he also covered her up then when he went to leave the room Wolfie reached over and grabbed his hand so CJ walked closer to her and she said "stay in here with me please" CJ said "ok just let me go check on Loran real quick" Wolfie let go of his hand and said "ok" she rolled over onto her side and fell back to sleep CJ left the room and went to Loran's room then Loran sat up and said "CJ I can't sleep" CJ walked over and said "ok do you feel any better or no" Loran said "no" then she ran to the bathroom CJ said "I can go see if you can come lay in the room with me and Wolfie" Loran said quietly "ok I will be right here" CJ ran back to Wolfie and said "hey you still awake" Wolfie said as she was waking back up "eah I'm still awake why what's wrong" CJ said "don't panick. Cause there is nothing wrong it's just Loran can't fall asleep or can't sleep" Wolfie said "oh ok then it is up to you if she can lay down in this bed with us" CJ said "you know what I was about to say the same thing" Wolfie said "oh really wow and she can come lay in here or I can go lay in there with her so you don't have to" CJ said "no you stay laying down she can come in here" Wolfie said "ok" CJ said "I already know that we didn't really eat dinner earlier so you hungry" Wolfie said "yeah a little" CJ said "ok I will be back" he left the room and made something else then went back and gave Wolfie her food then while she was eating he went and said "Loran if you want to you can come lay down with Wolfie and me" he heard no response so he walked to the bathroom and Loran was laying on the ground sleeping so he picked her up and layed her in her bed then covered her up and said quietly "good night and sleep tight" he made sure the window was shut and locked then went back to Wolfie and layed down with Wolfie as she said "is Loran sleeping" CJ said "yeah she was fast asleep on the bathroom floor so i put her back on her bed and covered her up" Wolfie put the plate on a side table and srood up and opened the door and turned wolf then right after she turned wolf there was people standing in front of her with Loran and CJ stood up real quick and stood in front of Wolfie and said "what in the world are you people doing with my daughter" one of the people said "hmm I didn't know that you had child CJ and who is she your little mutt" Wolfie growled meanily and CJ said "no she is not my mutt she is my girlfriend and yes that is our child" the girl walked forward and closer to CJ then said "your dog will be taken to the pound and your daughter will be our daughter" Wolfie said with a growl and a snarl "give me my daughter NOW" the girl said "your mutt can talk" CJ said with a little bit of anger "SHE IS NOT A MUTT Wolfie become human please" the girl said "yes if you turn human I will give you your daughter but then you will have to leave" Wolfie turned human and she got Loran back then CJ said while standing in front of Wolfie and Loran "they are not going any where and if you have a problem with that then ok what ever but if you ever come back and take my daughter then you will be attacked by two wolves and that is a threat so get out of my house NOW" the people left and the girl said "by the way CJ Bryan trusted you but all you do is let people down" she turned and left Loran was hugging Wolfie and was not letting go and Wolfie was hugging her back CJ shut the bed room door and said "you two alright" Wolfie said "yeah we are ok" Loran said "who was that" CJ said "that was my first girlfriend but i broke up with her while we were still in highschool" Wolfie said "and she knows where you live why" CJ said my old boss Bryan he sent her to make it look like she still loved me and to see what I would do but I don't love her or even like her" Loran said "why was she trying to take me away" CJ said "she was not trying to take you away Loran she was trying to make you her child by sending Wolfie away but I would never ever ever let that happen" Loran yawned and Wolfie yawned so CJ said "it is still late so you two go to sleep" Wolfie said "what about you" CJ said "i am not tired any more" Wolfie said "are you sure" CJ said "yes i am sure and I am just going to sit here and make sure no one intrudes" Wolfie said "ok" Wolfie stood up and layed down Loran was already laying down sleeping and Wolfie covered up then said "I am glad that we met" CJ said me two and good night" Wolfie said "good night" she then fell asleep CJ just sat there in the chair and made sure no one came in. A few hours later CJ fell asleep… He woke up and looked around he wasn't sitting up any more he seemed to be laying down on a cold stone floor so he sat up and rubbed his eye's he looked around and didnt see Wolfie or Loran so he yelled "WOLFIE LORAN WHERE ARE YOU TWO" he heard a quiet noise come from a room next to his so he said "hello any one there" Loran said in a whisper "CJ they took me away from mommy now I don't know where she is and I am scared" CJ said "why are you scared" Loran said "I heard them talking and one said something about a guy having babies with a female wolf and the only female wolf that I know about is my mom" CJ said "when did they say it was gonna happen" Loran said "ummm they said in a day or so and that way they can make sure she has strength for the baby but not enough strength to turn wolf" CJ said "do you know when we got here" Loran said "no but all I know is that it is cold and I don't want my mom to get hurt" CJ said "it's ok umm i dont have a blanket but i can see if some one can get you one" Loran shivered CJ seen some one walk by and he tried to get their attention but they kept walking but then they did stop in front of Loran's room they opened the door and walked in Loran backed up til she was in a corner and the person who walked in said "come on little girl it's time for your bath" Loran said "no leave me alone" the person said "come on I don't have all day" Loran said "then go away" the person said "my name is stefan and I promise that I wont hurt you so please come on I have to take you to your bath and when you are done then I will bring you back here" Loran said "I don't want to take a bath I am very very cold" Stefan said "oh ok well I will see if I can get you a blanket but first you have to come and take a bath" Loran said can my father come" Stefan said "your father is already there" CJ said "I am her father though" Stefan said "shut up" Loran started crying because she was tired cold and people started yelling Stefan said "please don't cry I am sorry now lets go get you cleaned up" Loran continued to cry so Stefan said "stay here I will be right back" Loran said "I don't plan on moving" Stefan went out of the room and got some help then came back CJ said "LEAVE HER ALONE" Stefan said "I don't take orders from you. NOW COME ON LITTLE GIRL I tried being nice but you wouldn't listen so now i am gonna be mean" Loran growled and Stefan said "oh no I am so scared…" two people went and grabbed her arm's then got her in a standing position Stefan got to where he was sitting on his knees he stared into Lorans eyes and said "you are my daughter and you are going to have siblings soon so if you don't listen I will put you up for adoption DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME" Loran said hypnotized and under his control "yes sir I understand" Stefan said "good now follow me and listen to me" he signaled for his men to let go of her and Stefan stood up and held out his hand and Loran grabbed his hand then he took her to a room that had a bath in it and he said "bath time" Loran said "ok"  she got in and he said "good girl" he got her washed up and she got out and dried off then got dressed and Stefan took her to a room where Wolfie was Loran was holding Stefans hand and Wolfie said "Loran darling come here" Stefan said in a whisper "go to your mother when she calls for you" Loran ran over to Wolfie and Wolfie hugged her then said "leave my child alone" Stefan said "are you sure that wont break her heart" Loran said "mommy why are you telling daddy to leav eme alone" CJ woke up in real life and breathed heavily then he noticed that he was being hugged by Loran and Wolfie. CJ said "where are we" Loran said "we are at home" Wolfie said "are you ok CJ" CJ said "uhhhh yeah I am" Wolfie said "are you sure because it is like 7 in the morning" CJ looked at the clock and said "I am so glad you both are ok" Wolfie said "are you hungry cause I made breakfast and Loran just woke up" CJ said "Loran do you feel better" Loran said "no not really but are you ok" CJ said "ok and yes I am fine" Wolfie said "why don't we go eat breakfast" CJ said "good idea" CJ picked Loran up and carried her down to the dinning room. And they ate breakfast… A few moments later Loran ran to the bathroom and got sick Wolfie said "so what are we doing letting her just lay in bed all day and see if she gets better or are we gonna take her to the doctors" CJ said "I think we need to take her to the doctors" Loran walked out and said "who needs to go to the doctors" Wolfie said "umm nothing sweety just go lay down and see if you can fall back to sleep" Loran said "but I am not tired mommy" CJ said "then go play in the play room" Loran ran down and started playing Wolfie said "so we are taking her to the doctor's" CJ said "yeah but how do we get her to go" Wolfie said "I got it but we have to get dressed and get her dressed as well" CJ said "ok" Wolfie yelled for Loran to get dressed and soon Loran ran past her and went then got dressed and a few minutes later they were dressed and CJ said "ready to go" Loran said "go where" Wolfie said "for a ride" Loran said "ok" they went out side and Wolfie and CJ turned wolf and Loran got on Wolfie's back and they ran to the doctor's and Loran didn't know where they were going for real. Wolfie turned human and grabbed Loran CJ turned human and they walked in side CJ held Loran while Wolfie went up and signed Loran in for a check up Loran fell asleep in CJ's arm's Wolfie walked back over and sat down. A few minutes later the doctor came out and said "Loran" CJ and Wolfie stood up and followed the doctor Loran started to wake up so CJ whispered "go back to sleep" Loran stayed asleep for a little while. They got to the room and the doctor said "what seems to bring Loran here today" Wolfie said "well she got sick and we didn't know if we should have kept her in bed or if we should have brought her here" CJ layed Loran down on the bed while she was sleeping and the doctor and Wolfie continued to talk for a few minutes. Shortly after Loran woke up and rubbed her eyes then looked around and seen the doctor and said "CJ who is that" and she growled CJ said "it is ok Loran this is Alex she is going to do a check up on you so just relax and chill" Lora jumped out of the bed and ran through the hospital out the front door once she was out she turned fox then ran home and she was crying cause she got scared. Loran got home and turned human then she ran to her room and laid there in her bed… At the hospital Wolfie and CJ said "sorry" then took off home right after Loran took off. Loran heard a knock on the front door so she thought she may have accidentally locked the door so she went down and seen a group of people in the house that looked directly at her one said "uhh little girl I am CJ's brother who are you" Loran said "I am his daughter" the boy said "my name is Greg what is ur name sweety" he kneeled down Loran said "my name is Loran" Greg said "how old are you Loran" Loran said "I am three years old" Greg looked at his group and said " where is CJ" Loran said "umm I don't know" she ran back up to her room and Greg said "ok you guys sit in the living room i am going to go talk to Loran" the group sat in the living room and Greg walked up stairs and looked in every room until he found Lorans room he walked in and sat in a chair Loran said "CJ should be back soon does he know that you are here" Greg said "I would rather him not know that I am here or was here" Loran said "ok then leave" Greg said "you can't stay home by yourself so you would have to come with me" Loran said "I am not going anywhere with you" Greg said "oh really so if I called the cops and told them that I found a little three year old home alone what do you think they are going to do" Wolfie ran inside and up to Loran's room and seen Greg who she doesn't know she said to Loran "darling come here" Loran ran over to Wolfie and Wolfie picked Loran up then walked out of the room CJ was talking to the group down stairs and seen Wolfie carrying Loran then he said "whats wrong" Wolfie said "there is a guy in Loran's room" CJ said "you two go down stairs and play in the play room I think I know who it is" Wolfie took Loran down stairs and Loran started playing Wolfie sat on the stairs. CJ went up to Lorans room and seen Greg then said "oh Greg why are you here" Greg said "just thought I should drop by and say hi oh and where dis that little girl go with the other girl" CJ said "oh they are down in the play room" Greg said "you do know that you are not aloud to leave a three year old home alone right" CJ said "I didn't leave her alone I had to take her to the doctors because she is sick but she ran back here" greg said "you are probably just trying to stay out of trouble" CJ said "please just leave" Greg said "why should I let you keep that little girl when she was gere by herself even if what you are telling me is true" CJ said "please leave" Greg said "NO" CJ said "why is it every time you come over you always have to start fights and bring that big group of people with you" Greg said "well now I am not leaving until that little girl is taken or unless those girls come with me" CJ said "THEY ARE NOT GOING ANY WHERE WITH YOU OR ANY ONE ELSE THEY ARE STAYING HERE WITH ME AND NO ONE CAN TAKE THEM" Greg said "well then I guess I am not leaving" CJ said "fine just leave them alone" Greg said "how do you know that my people are not taking the girls now" CJ said "what do you mean Greg" Greg said "well I have to go and get something to eat but I will be back sooner or later" CJ said "my girls better still be here" Greg said "yep no problem" Greg got up and went down stairs then got in the car and said to his men "did you get them" one of the people said "yes but we had to put them to sleep" Greg said "that is what you were suppose to do" they drove off and CJ ran down to the play room and didn't see Wolfie or Loran so he yelled their names but he didn't hear any thing so he turned wolf and ran after Greg but there was three cars that look exactly alike so they split up but CJ ran after the one that smelled like Wolfie and Loran and sleeping liquid. The car stopped and some one got out and all they did was shoot at the wolf that they didn't know was CJ. They shot his leg and he growled at them then some one else shot him with a tranqulizer dart and he passed out then people got him and put him in the car then they drove to their house. When they got there they took Wolfie and Loran to a room and they put CJ in a different room but beside the one that Wolfie and Loran is in. Loran woke up after an hour and she sat in the corner until Wolfie woke up. Once Wolfie got up she stood up and walked over to Loran and sat down beside her then the door started to open Loran hugged Wolfie and she hugged Loran back. A person walked in and said "I am here to get Loran and take here to another room where she will talk to the leader" Wolfie said "no she is not she is not going any where with out me" the person said "ok I will be right back I have to go talk to the leader" Wolfie was holding Loran as the guy left the room shutting the door behind him.


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