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Category : Adult

Sub Category : Erotic

It's those thoughts that make  mildly confusing gestures to the imagination taking it in a erotic direction. So he passionately determines that his mind is clouded by her beauty and is costly to his judgement.  On a curve he's learning to control his addiction but still sometimes it  overwhelms his knowledge. Written in the text, burned and branded in his mind he finds himself sexually peeked and very inquisitive but not by love by a powerful feeling of attraction that won't be ignored. His dedication of persuading himself is like being under a spell he can't overcome. He wouldn't if he could you see he is addicted to the way it makes him feel pleasure in being so. What shows through is his aggression he just can't hide the anticipation. As he leans to brush up against the sexy soft structure of her body. She feels him as he presses unto her. The curves of his sculpted shoulders, hard muscles, and intimidating sexual continuance drives her to the deepest depths of her soul where she  lay awaiting for his attention. As her core temperature rises she realizes her legs hot like heat of fire becoming radiant as they demand his lust. Looking through the windows beneath her lashes the curtains open as he views the purity he seeks through her peering green piercing eyes. She can see his productive might brings through taking notice of his strength. The smell of her hair raises his highth as the moisture of sweat begins to form on her neck. Breathing her in brings life to his actions causing his mouth to become watery. He can't help himself and begins to taste her redolence. She tilts her head back and slightly arches her back. He holds here to motivate his balance. Taking his lips they make their way to her shoulder and finds her own waiting patiently. Unto her mouth to mouth looking eye to eye sensuously dragging one another's lips softly as shivers slide up his spine his hairs stand on end. It is the feeling of preeminence he endeavours as he focuses on her culmination.  He notices her undulating body as he takes it as his own. Her beauty cosmic engaged in coitus  she signs giving way she notices he is immense. The room becomes hot the tension between them intense. The sweat dripping from there entangled body's. He fills her of passion until he is drained of his lust then lay away in the dark as they fall asleep in each other's arms.


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  • Aug 05, 2019

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    Oct 01, 2019

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