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Hey there sleepy girl, yes you! The one who never seems to feel as though you didn’t quite get the adequate amount of sleep that you were hoping for and lives on caffeine. The one who is sitting there in her cubicle or at her desk and is seen continuously bobbing her head because it feels as though shejust cannot take it anymore and is basically drowning in coffee. I’m talking to you and I am here to tell you that you are not alone. Did you know that the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) 1998 Women and Sleep Poll found that the average woman aged 30- 60 sleeps only six hours and forty-one minutes during the work week? Now I don’t know about you but honey, that just isn’t enough and especially for us sleepy girls that literally cannot function on that tiny amount of sleep.


So, what do we do? My suggestion you ask, wnap, and we nap a whole, freaking lot. Well at least I do. And yes, I know what you’re going to sayI don’t have time, I have two jobs, I have kids, I’m going to school, it’s just going to make me more tired. Believe it or not I have actually heard it all, and truth be told, we all have a whole lot of other things going on, but can you really have your head on straight if you are not getting an adequate amount of z’s in your life? So, if you aren’t going to get the sleep you need at night and go to sleep at a decent hour then it’s bound to make you miserable during the day and it is just not worth it so whether you have to give up your happy hour with the girls (and we all need that sis) or your after work workout,you really need to nap. I could go on and on about napping but I’m sure that once you have taken one for yourself you will find that there is no need to pull anyone’s arm into doing it- it’s absolutely magical! Did I mention how you feel after a nap? Refreshed, alert and ready to take back the rest of the day (assuming you don’t accidently sleep till it’s dark out and then well…). Let’s just rejoice in the fact that you actually got to see the back of those eyelids, darling!


I’d like to pretend that the rest of you sleepy girls out there would be able to just go home today, get comfy in your undies and climb into your beds for a good ol’ mid-day nap but let’s keep it real, you probably won’t and not because you don’t want to but because we do in fact have lots of crap going on. However, if you find the time to do so here are a few tips in order to help you relax and fall into that long, awaited dreamland that we all wish for:


Number 1: Try not to sleep in what you had on all day. Strip it down to your undies darling because you honestly don’t need all that negativity in your life J


Number 2: Create the illusion of night fall. Make your room as dark as you can and if you don’t already have blackout curtain’s I suggest you invest in a pair or two and put them up immediately (you can thank me later.)


Number three: Turn down that thermostat (assuming you don’t live at home because if so, your father is going to be running around looking for the culprit.)


Number 4: Whether you live with your family or roommate (s), let them know ahead of time you are going to be napping because there is nothing worse than some wise ass interrupting your beauty sleep. (Ugh, as if)


Number 5: The Do not disturb button on your phone is there for a reason: use it!


Lastly, in the famous words of Bruno Mars, “everybody now” and now your singing it right? Seriously though, sweet dreams my sleepy heads! 








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