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My beloved remarkable, crush and love..words can not express them enough wished i could hug on you and hold ur hand.. i really do muss u and idk wat ive done to you but i am sorry my handsome native respectfully loved one.so are we mad cuz i lied durning spiritual warfare fight and i didnt wait i tried but i was looking for jesus and god and my ass got side tracked and forgot besides i seen ur gf and u on yo profile seemed as u were happy so i let u be .when i was wanting u you had somebody alrdy so me yuck i got drawn in in two years by old ass man fr. And fell for them lol like a grandpa's age to you would laugh. Anyways i lay here everynight lonely af and tonight ive remember if i had to decide over friendship between u and derrick and i choose u. He has g anyways and i forgive him for the abusive relationship we had but not forgotten. And uz and i are alot a like but if your a wizard or witch i have to look pass u. Its against my Gods commandments. Other than that james i loved u for sum time idk y i let u get away. I can hear you.. well leave it at that .gud night love jenn


  • Jul 29, 2019

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