This Is A Story On When I First Saw My First Boyfriens Read Count : 22

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I was in 3 grade in Pinewood i was talking to my friend when i see russlle talking to kirstin one day when i was talk to our other friend then kirsten came back over when we where she told me to go talk to him then i said fine ok i will go talk to him in he was in 2 grade to so he was young to in i had a huge crush on him to in he had a huge crush on me to so it was so amazing  then all of a second we were kissing in my friend's and his friends' saw us then i talk to my friend's and he talk to his friend's too we both tound our friend's that. they will not ell on us in i know that my friend's will not tell on me at all then
one day i have move and   i never saw russlle ever agian.
the end


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