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As I type these words, I am just shy of four months until my wedding, and to be honest, I do not think I can make it to that day with my sanity. No, I am not having regrets of getting down on bended knee. No, I am sick of my fiancee. But I am sick of hearing about this wedding. From the moment I proposed, the conversations have not stopped. 

My entire life has been revolved around my big day. It feels as if I am no longer seen as an individual. The complexities of me as a human being has been simplified. How are you? has faded and become are you excited for the wedding? Regular conversations about my hopes and dreams have turned into soliloquies about the beauty of marriage. It has become exhausting.

Is this marriage? After I say I do will I give up individualism? Does Lamar no longer exist? 

I am an introvert. Being engaged pushed me deeper into seclusion. I do not look forward to seeing my mother because I know she is going to ask my hundreds of questions. I have to mentally prepare to go into work. I dread telling anyone I am getting married. When I do, I have to take a deep breath to brace myself for the oncoming onslaught. I have to fake a smile when my fiance shows me let another something about the


  • Jul 28, 2019

  • Jul 29, 2019

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