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Learning is a progression 
It’s absence can lead to regression 

This is true on every level 
It starts your mind and heart to revel   

Maturity comes with knowledge 
You don’t have to go to college 

What you need to can be hard to find 
It takes courage for you to open your mind 

The first step is simple as you begin 
Just make up your mind to look within 

Then comes the the challenge of finding
the truth
You have to be honest to get to the  root

Once you’ve laid out the facts
You must evaluate your acts

Wrong or right - good or bad
You can understand the life that you have had

Now you have a blueprint of issues past
And separate the changes that you want to last 

The tough choice comes when you see your mistakes 
You need courage and honesty if you got what it takes  

You’re now on your way to this knowing trip
You must be persistent or you’ll lose your grip

Now begins the hardest part
You’ve done great but that’s only the start 

To constantly look in your mind’s honest 
To keep quality alive and deal with the terror 

You’ve now reached the road to continued maturity
Ready to enjoy good life’s purity 


  • Jul 28, 2019

  • Beautiful! 💜

    Jul 29, 2019

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