A Queen Of Beloved Love (of Her Crushes) Read Count : 13

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Romance

Once there was a Queen,she had a crush and one day she said "I must find that man and marry him💍.So,one the Guardians came opon theirself to for the Queen.They told the Queen " we are going on a hunt for your mysterious man that you love,three hours later they found a man but it wasn't him.The next day,they left again this time it was him but he look ah different,he had a pimple on each side of face.The Queen said "Caesar what happened to your face" he said "Caesar?that's my twin I'm Cyder" The Queen starts to cry😭 she was scared that he may have been but all of a sudden they a knock on the door.It was him,her crush she walked up to him and kiss.But two months later,they were finally getting married.Eight months later,they had twins,after the twins Caesar left the Queen and the twins and after that they were not found ever found together at all.


  • it was my first book ever made

    Jul 28, 2019

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