Maniac #2 Read Count : 15

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Thriller

Melvin sat still carfully inhaling trying to ignore the spirit breathing on his neck. His body continued to shake and his palms began sweating more and more every second. Melvin had never experienced fear so strong before and began panicking. Melvin turned around slowly and saw a creature so large and terrifying that even when he was trying not to he fell right on his back. "Go! leave! please ... please ... n-no!" the figure grabbed his shoulders and Melvin woke in a cold sweat, his mother grasped his shoulders and whispered "It's time for school honey." Melvin shook his head and said "It's here! It's gonna k-k-kill m-me!" He cried and looked around his room. Grandfather walked in the room and gave Melvin a pat on the back, "it's okay sport, your alright." Melvin gave him a quick smile and wiped his eyes.
Mother sighed and left the room "I'm gonna go to work! bye!" she grumbled.
Melvin waved and the door shut "Love you." he wispered.
Melvin got dressed andgave grandfather a hug before saying "Love you, have a good day at work!" "have a good day sport!"


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