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Ecliptic Melody's POV: After Slender hung up the phone, it was 7:56PM so Kate picked up Sally and put her in the bathroom and shut the door. Then Slender said, "Alright everyone, listen up, tomorrow morning, we will visit Slendrina and Shadow Box at the hospital. Then, we come back and we'll all have the day to ourselves, got it?" then everyone shouted, "GOT IT!"  Hoodie looked at me and blushed. I felt my face get warm too and giggled.
Then I suddenly felt my face get hotter when slender said, " You got that lovebirds?" this seemed to make Tim and Toby laugh. This also seemed to outrage Hoodie and he went up behind Tim. What is he going to do?

Hoodie's POV: I got up behind Tim and thought nows my chance! Toby nor Tim have their masks on! Then I pushed Tim onto Toby causing them to kiss. I figured one would run away and the plan would be ruined, but they kept kissing. Toby held Tim's waist and Tim held Toby's chin. This somewhat enlightened me, but at the same time, grossed me out. Then I noticed everyone was laughing, except for Kate and Sally. Kate went with "lol." and Sally scrunched up her face and said, "ew! Masky and Toby are pervies! I think I might puke!" she had said that while gagging. I saw Melody behind me and was recording with my camera.

Ecliptic Melody's POV: I was recording and accidentally leaned on Hoodie's shoulder and he wrapped his arm around my waist and this made me blush. And then I did the same. Then Hoodie leaned into my ear and whispered, " hey, I got an idea! How about since they're still kissing, I then quickly run up and yell, ' GAYYYYYY'! and then you put this all over the internet. okay?" "okay." I wispered back. Then he undid his arms and did what he said.

Ticci Toby's POV: As me and Tim and I were kissing, Brian suddenly yelled "GAYYYYYYYYY!" Tim picked his head up and said, "Shut up! you're the one who pushed me!" Tim blushed harder than he already was. "Well you decided to continue kissing him!" Mel had said holding Brian's camera. "Yeah, well, your holding Brian's camera! Rule #9! 'If a girl borrows your stuff alot and uses it mostly around you, that means she wants to gain your trust, and feels more comfortable around you, showing that she truly likes or is in love with you.'" I said. "And where the hell did you see that at?" Mel snapped back. "It's a guy's natural instincts to know that." I said as Tim picked me up off of the floor. "I see." Mel, then put down the camera and I said , " But I don't even think it takes an idiot to figure out that you a complete  b*tch when it comes to that." Suddenly, her face darkened.

Ecliptic Melody's POV: What did he just say?! he called me a b*tch! "haha!" huh? whoes there! "oh remember me? I'm your old friend, January!" no,no! she's dead! Slenderman made sure of it! "oh, do you really think that slenderman actually killed me?! sure he killed my body and soul, but not my mind! haha! you really are a b*tch! No-one loves you! not even Hoodie! see you soon! bye bye now!" don't you go anywhere! "HMHMHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Do you really think that I would believe that?! ha! You don't stand a chance! Your a fool, Rogers!" I said like a psycho. "Alright then bring it on, Buster!" Toby said daringly.  "Ugh! Don't you dare call me that! I will never recary my mother or father's last name!" I yelled. This sounded like me, but It didn't Feel like me. My words felt like they came from somewhere else. I felt different, I, I, felt paralyzed, I, wait, am I levitating?! Toby then ran at me with his hatchets and I kick him in what I thought was his nuts. " ah, oof!" Toby hit the floor and Tim ran over to him, and helped him up. "You ok?" Tim said concerned. "ye." replied Toby. I finally dropped to the floor and Hoodie hugged me. "Are you ok?" he asked. "Yeah, just was mad, that's all." I replied with a short smile. Suddenly, I felt weak. I held on to Hoodie and he put his head against mine. "Are you tired?" he asked. " A little bit." I replied yawning. Then he picked me up and carried me to his room and placed me in bed. Then he closed the door and turned off the lights. Then climbed in bed with me. I layed on his chest and he held me close, very close. I looked at him as he held my waist, and he said something that changed my life, "Mel, you are a sweet, caring, strong, beautiful, brave, smart woman. You care for thoes who love you. You fight until the victims dead. You know so much that I would never be able to learn the things you know. You sing like and angel and can act like a man's nightmare at the same time. You are sweet but a psycho. You have such an artistic talent. You're my little Tsundere. Don't you dare let anyone say that you are a bad person, because you are far from it. And what I'm trying to say is, Mel, I, I love you. You are the #1 girl of my life. I want to be with you forever. You are my everything. And if you don't mind me asking, will you, Ecliptic Melody, be my girlfriend?" He asked. My heart may have skipped a beat. I thought I was going have a heart attack. Then I said, " I think I would love that." Hoodie smiled then he kissed me! I didn't know what to do, so I went along with him.

Hoodie's POV: As I kissed her, she seemed to following along with me. I finally got the courage to slowly, put my tounge in her mouth. She did the same. Then she held my waist, making me blush, she then pulled back and said, "I love you." I then replied with, " I love you, too." Then we both fell asleep.

Ecliptic Melody's POV: When morning came, I woke up and Hoodie was still asleep. I looked at my phone and it was 7:16 AM. I kissed Hoodie on the lips and got up. Opening the door, and walking down the hallway, I noticed that I wasn't the first one awake. Slender, Sally, Kate, and Toby were awake. Slender, knitting a blanket, Sally, Singing hello from Adele, Kate also knitting a blanket with Slender and Toby just standing there thinking about something. I walked up to him and said, "Morning bud, What are you thinking about?" "Well, I got news but I'll anouce it when everyone is up." he said. "Well I got news too!" I said Happily. "Well thats just great isn't it." he said sarcastically. "Well then jack*ss, congratulations, you just ruined my morning." I said. "Whatever." Toby said as he walked into the kitchen to get some waffles. "The f*ck is wrong with him?" I heard Hoodie say. I turned around and saw Hoodie standing at the hallway entrance. "Oh, well good morning to you." I said in a saphisticated way. He blushed and said, "Haha very funny." He said in a jokingly matter. Sally then came up to me and asked, "Hey Melly, can you sing for us?" as she handed her microphone to me. I looked sadly at Hoodie and He said, " Sorry Sal, we can't. Tim still has to wake up and when he does, we're going to the hospital, Remember?" "Oh sh*t I forgot about that!" Sally said. Me and Hoodie froze. Slender looked up and turned his head slowly and said, "Sally dear, can you please repeat that for me?" then Sally said, "I said, 'Oh sh*t I forgot about that!'" The only people who cuss around Sally are Toby and Masky. Then Tim came in and headed to the kitchen.

Masky's POV: As I walked into the kitchen, I saw Toby eating waffles, typical. I walked up to him and stole the waffle from his mouth. "HEY! That's mine!" Toby yelled trying to snatch the waffle back. "Not anymore!" I yelled back teasing him with the waffle. "Gimme it baaaaack!" Toby whined. "Well, you're gonna have to kiss me first." I said teasingly. Then, Toby pushed me against the counter, snatched my mask off, and kissed me.
"There, now give me my waffle." He said. "okay." I said opening his mouth, putting the waffle in, and closing it.

Kate's POV: As Tim and Toby walked in the room, Rainee and Brian's faces had darkened. "Well, well, well, if it isn't Toby Rogers and Timothy Wright.” Melody said psychotically.  Then Hoodie took his gun out of his pocket, loaded it, and tossed it to Melody.
Then, he pulled another gun out of his pocket, loaded that one, and said, "Ya know, I have been waiting to try out my new gun, I just have to decide which one of you I should shoot first..." Then Melody said, "Oh come on! Shooting them is gonna kill 'em! I think we should just teach them a lesson and if they do it again, then, we do backup." "Alright but what should we do?" Hoodie replied. "Well let's just say...I got a few tricks up my sleeve."

Ecliptic Melody's POV: I then, puched Toby in the face, kicked him down, and kicked him, again, in the nuts. Yet, with me kicking his *ss, he seemed to not even care, actually, he seemed more annoyed. Then, I just gave the hell up and decided that it was Tim's turn. Tim seemed to not give a sh*t either. Tim then raised his eyebrow and said, "Ya done yet?" Then I just chewed them out. "Yes, but if I ever catch you two cussing or fighting around my little Sally again, you better hope that Slender can help you, because so help me if you do, you're dead proxy soup." " Heh, I'm not helping crap." Slender said coldly. "Oh, I thought you were beating us because we were recording you and Hoodie sleeping together last night." Toby said.

Hoodie's POV: "Wait, you what?!" I said as my face flushed with anger and embarrassment. I then pointed the gun at Toby, but Mel stopped me from pulling the trigger. "Alright everyone, settle down, I have an announcement to make." She said. Then she turned to me around and winked at me. "Well, you see. Hoods and I have been good friends since the day I was first proxy for Slenderman, sure we've had ups and downs but we get through them, even if they are the most stupidest things." She rolled her eyes. Then continued to talk. "And well, last night Hoodie had admited that he had feelings for me and had asked for me to be his girlfriend. And I said yes! I love him, and if you don't like it then screw you! You can go to hell for all I care!😤 I still love him!🖤" I felt my face get warm. I smiled and walked up to her and said, "I love you too, my little Tsundere." I cuddled her in my arms and she laid her head on my shoulder. "And if it weren't for Slenderman, I would not be here either." She said smiling at Slender.

Slenderman's POV: These words made my heart warm. I never knew how greatful she really was for me, Not until now. I sniffed trying to hold back my tears "Awww....." I said quietly. I put my hand on my heart. "Alright big guy, come here." She said opening her arms. I gave her a tight hug and patted her head. "Alright look, I don't really want to ruin the little sappy moment here, but I just quickly want to make a point across." Sally said walking over to Hoodie. She then looked him dead in the eye and said, "Alright lover boy, I just wanted to say that if you ever come close to hurting Mel mentally, physically, or verbally, the next thing you'll be seeing is me giving you a knuckle sandwitch. The point is, you break her heart, I break your face!" She said pounding her fist into her hand. 

Ecliptic Melody's POV: "Ya know...there may be one song that I can sing..." I said looking at Hoodie.


  • I also give full credit to Sanna Nielsen for the song Undo, Lindsey Stirling for the song Shatter Me, and Erutan for the song, Come Little Children.

    Jul 28, 2019

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    good creepypasta

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    Joshua Aviles

    Nice one!!!!! I made chapter 2 for my Slenderman creepy pasta

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