The Maniac #1 The Introduction Read Count : 10

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Thriller

"hello?" shouted Melvin from the corner of his dark room. He didnt know what was happening, mother told him to close his eyes and shout "leave my room!" when his problem happened.

Now (learning about your character)

Melvin knew that he was different from his friends and family because he was what his mother called ill. Melvin had never been normal, as a child his imagination ran to crazy and he saw demons that looked real. His best friends Jack and Izaak told him he was different every time he had a problem or as he called it 'a reality fallout'
Mother is always saying that he would be okay and that she loved him but she was trying to leave him alone with his grandfather  and never go back.  It was because of her son that she had lost her husband,he couldn't handle the whole problem and so he left to start a normal life with a perfect son.
Grandfather was a kind hardworking man he tried hard to keep his life stable even though he was possibly going to say good bye to the world in a year. he had cancer and the chemotherapy was to hard on his body all he did was listen to twentyonepilots and he almost had a heart attack when he got to exited about the hype music video.
The family was far from perfect but they still tried to learn and love.


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