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Sub Category : Horror

this happened on july 2018.

some background on me i was a tall and muscular dude, ive been body builder for 6 years and i had never lost a fight or been scared like i was that day.

so i loved to walk alone at night it was midnight and i was walkin and some dude happed to walk down the same alleyway but then i heard screach and footsteps running behind me. thats when i got a chill that paralyzed me for 30 seconds and then i ran as fast i could i hid in the wood  but im sure it would find me then someone popped up behind me and scared me but i felt safe around him. and he walked me home. i gave him my number and sence that we have been on like five dates so yay see y'all later


  • nice story!

    Jul 27, 2019

  • Jul 27, 2019

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