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Hoodie's POV: I look at Melody and she's (as usual) playing with the knives again... which makes me question, why does she do that?! It sometimes scares me. She once again got  bull's eye on the target. "Yoo-hoo bull's eye again!" she yelled as she went back to get the steak knife out off the target. Then she looked at me and said " you know Hoodie, Slender should  put knife tossing in training, its more fun than just attacking bean bags with a butter knife." then i said, " they are not butter knives Mel, they're called combat knives." then she said something that pissed me off...," yeah says the hooded man who uses his pistol too much, I'm surprised that u even know that!" Then I just backed off and said, " just shut up ok?! And the reason I know about knives so much is because masky tought me." "oh." she said statistically.
"well I gotta go, sally wants me to teach her how to sing like me!" this also concerned me, Sally never has her tea parties and stuff at 4 usually its at 4:30..."but why so early?" i asked suspiciously, " cuz Sally changed her schedule and don't you remember what happened last time when Trender
was 20 minutes late for Sally's doll house party?" she said worryingly. " yeah, though it was kinda funny to see Trenderman get beat up by a 6 year old!" i said. "okay well gtg, bye Hoods!

Ecliptic Melody's POV: As I walked over to the living room I saw Toby and Masky fighting, of course as usual...then I broke up the fight," alright you 2, now that's enough! we got a child here and she doesn't need y'all to be cussing and fighting!" I scolded them. "sorry..." they both said. "It's okie Melly!" said the sweet soft voice of young Sally. "oh, hi sal! ready to sing?" I said. "YAYYYYY" Sally squealed in a high pitched voice. "ok then..." I said with my ears still ringing...

After an hour of teaching her all notes on the sol fledge scale we started to sing them...


"yay can we sing now!" Sally asked. So I replied with,"yes, but you remember what I tought you right?" I asked her to make sure. "yup!" she said. with a wide grin on her face. "alright so repeat after me and follow the same note that I'm singing ok?" "ok!"...


Hoodie's POV: once the girls started to sing I pulled out my phone and started to record them on Facebook...

Ecliptic Melody's POV: I looked at Hoodie and he was recording, which made me feel more nervous but then he gave me the thumbs up and that calmed me down...then I looked at Toby and Tim, they for once had somewhat of symphony on their faces (that's because Tim didn't have his mask on.)  then I finally started...

              Hey girl, open the walls,
              Play with your dolls, and
               we'll be a perfect family.

"alright Sally! time for you to repeat!" I said. "okie!" then she repated. She actually was amazing for her first time!
"wow Sal! that was great!" I said, as Slender, Trender, Splendor, Offender, Tim, Toby, Kate, Me, and Brian clapped.
"ready to do the rest?" I asked. "yeah!" she said excitedly. "Ok, here goes nothing!"

               When you walk away,
               It's when we really play,
               You don't hear me when
                            I say-

" hey Mel?" Sally asked. "ye?" "Actually you sing really good! can we just listen to you sing instead?" she asked in her
sweet voice, as she is very sweet in general. "oh, okay then as you wish!

                 Mom please wake up,
                 Dad's with sl*t, and
                  your son is smoking
                 No one ever listens,
              This wallpaper glistens,
            Don't let them see what goes
                  down in the kitchen.
         Places, Places, get in your places.
             Throw on your dress, and
                   put your doll faces.
         Everyone thinks that we're perfect,
             please don't let them look
                 through the curtains.
        Picture, Picture, smile for the
        Pose with your brother won't you
                  be a good sister?
        Everyone thinks that we're perfect,
               please don't let them look
                    through the curtains.
            I see things that nobody else
            I see things that nobody else

Hoodie's POV: As Melody was singing every note, my face began to feel hot and my heart started to beat out of my chest, something I feel Everytime she does something like this. I quickly put on my mask and shoved my hood over my head. Then I noticed something, sh*t! slender saw me! what the hell do I do now?! I gave him a long glare and he seemed to understand cuz he zipped his fingers across where his mouth should be.

Ecliptic Melody's POV: when I finished the last verse, everyone clapped, even Masky and Toby looked impressed.

Slenderman's POV: I'm impressed! Now knowing that my newist proxy is an amazing homeschooling teacher.
Also a great excuse to get Sally off my *ss for 5 hours at the most! While Sally is a good child, most of the time, she just sometimes completely looses it...

Three things that Sally will always be
for the rest of her life:

1. Sally gets her clingy-ness and crazy mind from Melody.

2. Sally gets her slickness and good heart from Hoodie.

3. Sally gets her anger issues and strength from me!

But, of course I would never beat the hell out of my own brother for being so late! I sigh. Poor Trender, always so patient and understanding of everyone
but too nieve to understand that no-one cares. And I think thats exactly where Slendrina gets her patience from, her uncle. But that reminds me of something, wait. Oh no! "SH*T! I FORGOT ABOUT SLENDRINA, SHADOW BOX AND THE BABY!!!" I yelled at the top of my voice.

Ecliptic Melody's POV: Hearing what Slendy had said, shocked me! "What?!
Slendrina's baby is supposed to be due in 4 more months! NOT NOW!" yelled Hoodie. "Hoodie, every paranormal being always gives childbirth at 5 months, 6 if it's a transgender. You should know this by now! "O-oh....." Hoodie sat there silently.  "Wait sir, when's the last time you called Slenderwoman?" Masky said. "That's none of your concern, now is it Tim?" Slender snapped back.

"Alright thats enough now! Slender, if you're so concerned about your daughter, then just call her! There is no need to make a big itch about it, ok?!"

"uhm...I agree with Mel, she does have a point in that case." Hoodie said looking at me, for some reason, I always feel like he's, you know agreeing with almost everything I say.
He's always stands up for me, sometimes even if he's arguing with me. He just agrees with me and there's nothing wrong with that! 🙂

"I agree with mel, too." said Kate in her emo voice. I've always loved her voice. So dark and emo, it just makes me so happy!😊

* at Nurse Ann's hospital*

Slendrina/Slenderwoman's POV: It's been 72 hours since my water broke and still, nothing happened. Father still hasn't called yet and Shadow box is getting more anxious by the minute.
I'm starting to think that getting an epidural injection would be better than having these stupid contractions! Ugh!
This is the first time I've ever gotten so impatient! I can't wait to be a mother!
But I still hate this! Whoever thought that a large needle in my back would sound so good! I'm also thinking about just getting a si-scection intead of delivery. This is taking TOO long and the contractions are getting worse!
Ugh, please Father, come or call me soon!

*back at the cabin*

Slenderman's POV: I pulled out my phone and dialed:


then pushed call. Slendrina picked up,
of course, there was static. Then I told her to turn on speaker phone and then I finally could hear her clearly. "Hello?"
she said. She sounded very weak.  "Oh dear Rina, I'm sorry for not calling you for the past couple of months! Are you alright my dear child?" I asked. I was very worried. "Father! Oh how I missed hearing your voice! Why haven't you called?!" Slendrina scolded me. "I'm sorry dear, I've been caught up in many things lately, I just haven't had time to call and check up on the baby!" I explained."Huh, and caught up in what?"  I could tell she was suspicious and I had nothing to hide, so I just told her everything. "Well, you see, I have a new proxy to train and I can't really use a phone while training, the whole thing will just go static and be destroyed, and I can't kill anyone to get a new phone because no one comes here anymore." I explained all of this to her.
"Oh? A new proxy! How nice! What is their name?" "Well, her human name is Rainee Hooper. Her full human name is Rainee Lynn Fathe Hooper. Her proxy name is Ecliptic Melody and her full proxy name is Ecliptic Melody the Dark   Storm Creater. She has an assassin in her DNA to where the weather depnds on her emotions. She's also Tribrid, a mix between an angel, a demon and  an ecliptic wolverine." I told her. "Gee Father, she sounds really powerful!"
Slendrina exclaimed. "Indeed she is and she doesn't even know it."




  • OMG it think I did amazing on this! but there are a few things I need to touch on... 1. there are 2 different songs written in here and no it's NOT copyright. I give full respect to Brittney Spears for writing the song Criminal and to Meline Martinez for writing the song Dollhouse. again this is not copyright for the last time! 2. this is NOT a fan fiction or reader x hoodie! do not think that. and yes I am the person who created Ecliptic Melody. she's my OC and she is the creepy pasta version of me. no she's not a real slenderman proxy. 3. if you don't like Creepypastas or what I write in general, then DON'T READ IT!!! there is no reason to hate (other than horrible grammar)! im 10! Don't @ me! 4. Hoodie/Brian PLZ don't shoot me in my sleep! I'm just doing this for entertainment. I am a big fan of you, but not the creepy kind...the rather nice kind! I respect it if you don't like us mortals doing dis but like I said before, this is for entertainment only! have a nice day! (btw hoodie, what's ur favorite color? i need it for the next writing.)

    Jul 26, 2019

  • you should try giving a better disruption when they speak like how did they say it yelling or wispering

    Jul 27, 2019

  • i think you did really good i just got all confused 😂but you did great

    Jul 27, 2019

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