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if truth be spoken
snoring emotions could be awaken
but like a sleeping dog no one could tell its reaction

if truth be spoken
and the heart that sleeps is broken
it will decent into the valley of pain like arrows
and roses could become pythons

truth as truth, tells it as it is
but the heart if broken swallows it as spikes
and spits it back as curses

the heart if left to wonder alone
would flounder in its own ignorance

in time of pain, the mind must hold hands with the heart, and like young lovers and journey to the land of peace so that :

if truth be soken
it will be lifted up by humility, healed by acceptence of guilt and brought to light and life by rebirth of love .


  • Flawless keep up the good work

    Jul 26, 2019

  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres

    Outstanding🦋the problem with not being truthful -you have to live the lie This compounds the situation for now you have to add “ cover ups” Telling the truth may be painful But a display of honesty and integrity Which one should be proud of The rest is defined by your personal situation and your beliefs Beautifully written 🦋🦋🦋🦋

    Jul 26, 2019

  • Jul 27, 2019

  • Jul 29, 2019

  • Very true, the truth hurts. sometimes some people consider bullying mean, which it is. But for me, it's just people saying their honest and truthful opinion about me- verbally and physically. And sometimes, most of these opinions are true... but you did a great job!😊☺️🙂 A very nice job! Even if the truth is not coming from *ssholes who want you to have a different personality, the truth can still hurt in many situations

    Aug 03, 2019

  • ❤️❤️❤️

    Aug 08, 2019

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