A Difficult Decision Read Count : 14

Category : Poems

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There are times in our lives
When we face a painful fact
The relationship we plead for
Is like a one-man act

There is no hope for changing 
The issue that exists  
There is no rearranging 
How strongly you persist 

Of course the issue ‘s painful 
The hurt is deep and real
The situation is distainful
It’s clear what you reveal

In  these cases of the heart 
It requires a sound decision 
To look for a new start
Or live with this emotion incision 

There is no blame to feel 
What you are expressing 
But trying to hold on
Can start your  life regressing 

In life there comes a point 
When a new choice should be saught 
The experience of others 
Should clarify your thought


  • it's deep and sincer

    Jul 26, 2019

  • Jul 26, 2019

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