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Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy

Risha lives in Dhaka( capital city of Bangladesh) now. She doesn't like the lifestyle of Dhaka. It's a very busy town. People don't have time for recreation. They are busy in their deeds. Risha used to lead a very simple and independent life. so It's hard for her to adjust with this town. But she is trying . She has been spent 15  years of her life in Mymensingh( another city of Bangladesh) . Mymensingh is her birthplace. So she is new in Dhaka. It has been only one year in Dhaka. Mymensingh is a very little town. So she didn't like this town before. As Dhaka is the capital city in Bangladesh, there are a lot of facilities than other  cities. So when she got a chance to shift in Dhaka permanently, she decided to shift without any hesitation. But now she feels so bad everyday and every moment. She feels the attraction for her hometown. She misses her  old life, old friends and   everything. she wants to get back in mymensingh again but she can not . Now she totally understand her mistake. Actually there is nothing precious more than homeland.


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    Jul 26, 2019

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