The Clowns Read Count : 14

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Sub Category : Horror
  So people like clowns, some people don’t. Well I did, until this happened. I was outside riding my bike and it was midnight, people are usually inside when it’s dark so I was alone. After 3 mins I saw a car light approaching my house, at first I thought it was my mom, but I got to look closely and it was an ice cream truck. I was going to the car trying to say I didn’t want ice cream, instead I saw 2 clowns coming out the car with a hammer. I could barely move... and the last thing I can remember is the clowns turning around and looking at me. They stood for 8 seconds then walked back. The third time they started running towards me. I ran on my bike as fast as possible, but they didn’t give up... luckily the neighbors dog scared them away. I always wondered till this day... what would have happened if the neighbor’s dog wasn’t there


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