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Somehow in the rush of issues 
A miracle passed me by
It wasn’t mystic-just realistic 
Nothing came from the sky

It was always in my power 
I’ve used a my life 
To reenforce good feelings
And minimize the strife 

The day was very peaceful 
Alone with my thoughts and pen
Like an unused motor of my mind
I turned it on again 

And so  ignited my miracle 
The magic going round
It of course was lyrical 
My music was the sound

It may not be dramatic 
My music played for years
But a puzzling brief hiatus 
When the music disappears 

The reason for is absence
Was easily recalled 
Wrapped up in multi-issues 
My mind just hit a wall

I can’t begin to tell you
What these sounds meant to me
A reunion with a loving friend 
For years I did not see

I played from my collection 
The songs that are my style
It went in the right direction 
I was conscious of my smile 

It was poetry in motion
I could hear the words and sounds
A magic mood enhancer 
My feet tapped on the ground 

The miracle of music  
is more than just the play
To hear it any time you wish
On any given day


  • Jul 25, 2019

  • Jul 26, 2019

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