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We all go through hard times. Every one of us. It is kind of like Life's whacked sense of humour to wake us up and say, "I'm not making it a bed of roses for you so, live and learn." 

And it is also true that it is through hard times that we do learn the lessons that we need to learn to grow, evolve, and progress. Lessons that can only be learned in the School of Life. Some of these lessons may be tough, some may be painful, but really it is a matter of how we choose to handle them that sets the tone for our lives. 

I've had my share of struggles too. Like a lot of people, I was focused on finding answers and solutions, and I was desperate to find them as quickly as possible. I spent my every waking hour searching for them and what did it do? I became stressed and anxious. The stress messed up my emotions and the anxiety drove me up the wall. Yet still, I couldn't find what I was looking for. It was hell. 

It took me years to finally realize how exhausting it was trying to figure everything out. And when that realization hit me, it then occurred to me that I didn't actually need solutions. At least not immediately. What I really needed was to feel that calm wash over me, the peace that comes only with acceptance, and reserving the problem solving for another time when I knew in my heart things would make more sense than they did when I was going through all the different kinds of shit. 

Today, after years of putting myself through all the unnecessary 'drama' while trying to be a wizard in problem solving, I now know better. 

We don't always need solutions to every problem at once, or rather the proof that things will be okay. We often experience so much anxiety over worries of how things may go, if this happens or that, and it doesn't solve anything. We often need time, additional understanding, and eventual assistance from others. But realistically speaking, in those moments of feeling overwhelmed, what we really need is peace. 

And that peace, it will not come from filling our minds with scenarios or by letting our imaginations run wild. It will not come from feeding into doubts or from taking impulsive actions. That peace will not come from giving up or from assuming the light of dawn will never come. 

But that peace, it does come. It comes from patience, from stillness, and from acceptance that not all things are within our control. That peace comes from an acknowledgment that time must sometimes pass before we see the resolutions we often desire. 

So, in those hard times, why not flip the script for a change. Let go of doubts, second guessing, fears, and indulge in a little hope. Let go of the incessant insistence on finding proof that we will be okay, and instead be calm, breathe, and allow the peace to snuggle in. 

Sometimes, we need to change certain patterns and try different tactics to invite in different results. 


  • Jul 25, 2019

  • Jul 25, 2019

  • Micahah Daniels

    Micahah Daniels

    this was a blessing to read thank you for sharing your wisdom

    Jul 25, 2019

  • Jul 27, 2019

  • lovely

    Jul 30, 2019

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