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It’s not how long it is
It’s not a marathon session
It’s a way to communicate 
The marvelous gift of expression 

The motive can be varied 
The structure is your choice 
To talk without speaking
The poem becames your voice

Some worry about what readers thinks 
And write for their approval
If they are pleased then your at ease
No fear of poem removal 

Poetry is honesty in my way of thinking 
To write each line it takes some time
It is a part of me-my motto is quite simple 
“Be as honest as you can be

There are no time restrictions 
We write both day and night
Our guideline is our fervent need
To express both wrong and right

What ‘s remarkable about writing 
Is the element of sharing 
An exchange to read what others write 
Strong evidence of caring 


  • Jul 25, 2019

  • Maurice, you have a beautiful way of expressing your thoughts. Another beautiful gem. I absolutely LOVE this! 💜

    Jul 25, 2019

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