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She constantly watches the front door waiting to hear that familiar sound. It was the sound of the bells hitting the wood as he walked through the front door. She wallowed in her sorrow secretly hoping that although she told him to stay away, her wishes were disregarded. Grievously, as the sun begins to wilt away, she is not exactly shocked the moment she hoped for never came. She had admitted to herself that it would be hard, turning her back to him, but it was only the first day and she was beginning to rethink her decision. He had become an addiction to her, and by now walking away and stopping the habit would be like an addict who tried to stop the drug. He was everything to her and his presence was gone as fast as a feather blown in the wind. She frantically paced around the house in hopes of getting one last smell of his cologne. It was like the smell of rain after a storm hurdled through the night and awakened you feeling refreshed. That smell she had fallen in love with, it had given her a sense of peace when she was surrounded by him. The sound of his voice was music to her ears and when he played his guitar for her it was as if someone wrapped her in a blanket of security. She knew there was nothing more that she had could have done for them and  this would be the hardest part, the letting go. 


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