A Dream Made In Hell Read Count : 20

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i used to be engaged to amazing guy i would of done anything for him ... but all i remember now is when i fell asleep one night and woke up in the morning everything stopped i remembered it was a hot day for Pennsylvania and he was already upset because of the heat that was no excuse... i was suspicious of his odd behavior because he was acting rude to me i thought it was someone texting him i confronted him about it i was upset because it wasn't playful joking it was being straight up rude he even said i don't know how you're mom puts up with you at first i was shocked then i was pissed he was laughing and saying i was joking i hung up and i asked if he was talking to someone else he said no 3 times but he never acted this way then... it happened everything faded out he said there is no one else but i don't want to be in this relationship anymore it was a engagement we were both happy before then


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