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When I’m feeling low it’s the place to go
To brighten up my beat 
It’s a meeting place- people full of grace 
Strolling up and down the street
It doesn’t take long when things go wrong 
To to quickly change my mood
Better to walk in the sun till the day is done rather than stay at home and brood
There are friends and neighbors who’ve 
done me favors as I have for them
They are young they are old they are sweet they are bold but never a negative word
Their languages may be different but we all understand your changing greetings with hands
If they’re speaking English it’s easier for me 
It really doesn’t matter- I’m happy as could be
When I look and I see them smiling as we’re all exchanging words
To show them the happiness in me I start singing like a bird 
This walk can last forever but there’s work that’s left undone
I’ve got issues to approach- battles to be one
As I prepare to greet the day my  spirit 
full of highs
I’m greatful to have Paradise Street 
A dream that never dies


  • Jul 23, 2019

  • Jul 24, 2019

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