A Broken Hearted Girl💔 Read Count : 59

Category : Books-Fiction

Sub Category : Romance

Once Upon A Time There Was A Girl Name Marlene She Grew Up Wit A Good Life Until She Hit Her Teenager Years She Went To High School And Started To Get New Friends And She Start Hanging Oitside More And One Day Of The Summer She Was Outside With Her Friend And Her Crush Was All On Here And Telling Her How Much He Like Her And How He Wanted To Be With Her And She Really Liked Him So She Fell For It And Then She Went To Her Auntie House For Like 2 Weeks And Came Back Marlene Friend Parents Wasn't There So She Had A Party And Marlene Crush Was There He Took Her Up Stairs And Was Rubbing On Her And She Was Telling Him to Move And He Wouldnt And She Was Talking About How She Wasnt Ready To Lose Her Virginity And Then He Kissed Her And She Lost Her Virginity But The Next Day She Tried To Talk To Him He Told Her To Stop Talking To Him And Her Heart Really Gave Up And She Asked Her Friedns Why Was He Acting Like That She Said He Probably Wanted To Take Your Virginity And He Didnt Really Wanna Be With You Marlene Started To Cry Nd She Told Her Friend How She Felt So Dumb And After The Talk Was Over It Was Dark And Her Crush Came Knocking At Her Friend Door Looking For Marlene And She Told Her Friend She Didnt Wanna Talk to Him And He Begged To Talk To Her So Marlene Came Outside To Talk To Him And He Was Saying How Sorry He Was And She Didnt Care She Was Not listening And She Told Him To Leave Her Alone As Soon As She was Finna Walk In The House He Pulled Her Arm And Kissed Her And Said He Loved Her And As A Girl Who Really Liked Him She Believed Him So After Months And Months Of Him Playing Wit Her Feelings She Finally Left Him Alone And The Friends She Had Because She Found Out Her So Called Friends Knew Exactly What He What He Was Trynna Do And They Was Helping So A Month Later Marlene Found New Friends And A New Lover And They Have Been So Far It Only Have Been A Month And Some Weeks Of Marlene Hanging With Her New Friends And Her And Her New Crush Have Been Great They Take Up For Each Other Have Alot Of Fun Together And He Not Only Trynna Get One Thing Out Of Her They See Each Other Everyday And Have The Same Friends And The Same Enemies And For Like A Week Or 2 Her Ex Crush Been Trynna Have A Conversation Wit Marlene And She Been Ignoring Him He Only Trynna Talk To Her Because She Found A New Lover Who Actually Likes Her Back And He Been Flirting Wit Her On And Off And She Haven't been falling For It And That's The End For Know


  • Jul 29, 2019

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