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I should of showed you how much I loved you more and more as time moved on.                                                   I should of told you of mouth from my lips so you hear it, so you feel it,  so that you know you will never be. alone.                                                          I should of showed more effection when you needed it , Gave you all my attention when you wanted it, Used my body and words to expresse just how sexy you are and make me feel.             I should of made love to you, gave all I am, touched you in ways, and moved you so, stole your heart, and fed your passion when you were starving for love and then made time seem as though it stood still.                                             I should of brightened your days                                            and  left you like the rain after a long hot drout, dripping wet and completely satisfied with absolutely no regrets                                                   I should of told you your the only one for me your everything to my life. the one that complete's me and the very thing that make's me whole.                                     Your my other half, my ying, my yang, the mate to my soul.                                                    I should of found a way to express how deeply in love, truly, madley I am with you. I get lost in ur eyes, and go missing for days.                                             I should of showed you how we could hang in the balance of reality, then separate our life into chapters and live out a fantasy together page by page.                                                  I should of told you how amazing u always look, what a incredible women u are how you walking  in the room always take's my breath away.                       Because word's alone are not enough to exsplain the true extent of wht I need to say.                                                      I should of showed you how beautiful u truly are without words. I should of..


  • Jul 23, 2019

  • Jul 23, 2019

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