Wood Below Read Count : 40

Category : Stories

Sub Category : Fantasy

Once,there was  a bridge somewhere in the land of Bahaira,in the northern border of the land of the frogsoak.

Every night 29  human mages from Lula the land where the anteater clerics lived would gather around the Bridge for a secret ritual only known to them,just like it happened that night.

Location:The Bridge  time:8 am  

Mage leader Biosco:

My fellow  mages welcome, may you speak and be well.

Mage Taftum:Dear leader,I heard from somewhere that the anteater  master is on a journey,is that true?

B(Biosco):Yes indeed it is true he was going to meet up with me but hasn't arrived yet.

Mage Apontis:Why?

B:I don't know man I don't know.

The same  time

Location:The golden  gap of Murbalia 

Time:the same

Anteater Leader Xasha:Are you here?

The Wood Below:Yes  I am here indeed what can I do for you?

X(Xasha):Well,you see,I need to know about the mage Visca the son of the leader of the mages.

TWB(The Wood Below):Hmm,very well then,you must head to America valley and find John wood, the wood above my cousin,he knows everything about The son of Biosco.

X:Farewell then.

TWB:Farewell,and remember if you need assistance just plant a seed from the seed bag my  assistant will give you.


TWB:Safe travels.

Three hours later the mage council in the bridge has ended.

Location:The Bridge.

Time:11 am.

Biosco:  Apontis,I need your help please,

Apontis:Of course i'lll help you with everything you need sir just say it.

I had a vision that someone will visit my son,but he can read them better and our visions our interconnected through music,and I heard him play flute today,so has a visitor from the north,and I need you to come with me to discover who he is.

Apontis:Of course sir,let me pack and we'll be on our way.

Dancers sing: Libia:Twenty years ago the anteaters  originating from Rome called their mountain deity to come home.

Maivara:The deity transformed into Biosco, who created the mages building the bridge for ages.

Cikera:And from that same bridge the Frogsoak rose and from there the Golden Gap with the  Wood Below his boss.

Ucra:And so  their powers grew,and they wanted new members,and they trusted the son of Biosco who remembers the powers very well.

The 29   Human Mages of Lula:And that's the tale that we  told the lord Bahur(The Disguised Xasha),in order to persuade him into  let us follow him into his tour with the wooden chariots.

(Horses can be can heard in the Background).

The End.

Magazine Maker:Hmm, excellent job kid,excellent job,that story sure is going into the daily magazine,what do you think I should call it?

Apontis Bridges:I think you should call it,The Wood Below.(From  The Enchanted  Ant Publishes)

The End.


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