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When looking to purchase a home, numerous options exist, one of which is a condominium. A condominium is a multi-unit property that's sold and divided in individual units. In comparison to a single-family dwelling, condominium ownership constitutes partial ownership in shared property. 
This poses unique challenges for buyers. If you're thinking of investing in Eighty Seven Park condos for sale, you must determine the right time to make a purchase. Here's a list of factors to consider before buying Eighty Seven Park Miami. 

1.	Available Inventory
It's important you study your locale's market. If you discover it's a seller's market, implying there's low inventory and purchasers are fighting for unit ownership, it isn't the best time to purchase a condominium. 

You should wait until normalcy returns to prevent bidding wars that increase prices. A buyer's market implies high inventory, possibly indicating issues within the monetary structure of the condominium association. 

Beware of the number of short sales, fair sales, and foreclosures in the prospective building as it reveals the health of the homeowner's association. 

2.	FHA Eligible Community
Whether you're using government-backed funding or not, purchasing into a condominium community is preferable. Lending criteria determine whether a complex is economically secure, has a low tenant/owner ratio, a restricted number of dues wrongdoings, and reserves of at least 10% of its yearly budget. 
Even if you're using cash to fund Eighty Seven Park pre construction, the complex's health is crucial to your investment security. 

3.	Time of Year
If you are in an inner-city setting where all family sizes and ages inhabit condominiums, numerous people consider moving and putting their units on the market in spring. The inventory increase adds properties to the real estate market, making it beneficial to purchasers. 

Summer-investors and families are forced to shift by fall and might issue discounts. Consider December as a good time to purchase as sellers of 2nd home condominiums look at end-year tax advantages. Resort-style complexes have a higher price throughout the high season. Therefore, you should identify the seasonal cycle before you go shopping. 

Tips for Purchasing a Condominium
When purchasing Eighty Seven Park condominiums for sale, it's imperative you recognize that each condominium community has its association fees, community rules, amenities, and management company. These tips will help you in the buying decision.

Hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent
Selling a condominium differs from a single-family or multi-family property. A condo's purchase contract isn't similar to other kinds of residences. One major difference when buying a condominium is that most communities need you to sign a contract along with the usual sales agreement before closing. 
The agreement that a community will make you sign will typically state that you agree to and understand the association regulations and rules. Owing to these differences, it's imperative you collaborate with a real estate agent who's experienced in selling condominiums. An experienced agent will guide you throughout the process and ensure you don't overlook important documents. 

Obtain Funding
Condominium funding isn't similar to a single-family residence. Similar to buying a single-family property, it's crucial to obtain pre-approval before looking at condominiums as well as establishing whether it's the appropriate fit. 

Obtaining funding can be somewhat challenging when it comes to buying a condominium because numerous loan products and lenders don't permit condo purchasers. Oftentimes, the purchase of condominiums occurs with cash because of the regulations of programs and lenders.
If you intend to obtain an FHA loan, the initial step is ensuring the community is on their approved list of communities. FHA normally expects that 80% of the building's units are owner-occupied, so ensure the community is on the list before getting attached to the property. 

Nevertheless, you can still acquire a private mortgage for a condominium purchase, however; at a higher price since numerous private lenders will need a 20% minimum down payment. Therefore, buying a condominium might not be ideal if you lack a considerable down payment saved up. 

Identify what the Condominium Comprises
It's important you identify precisely what the condominium comprises. When buying your first condominium, ensure you establish if it comprises additional storage or reserved parking. You should establish whether additional storage and parking spaces would be available upon closing before your purchase. You wouldn't want to find out there's no parking area a week before closing. 

While a condominium is a great investment, the timing must be right to avoid costly mistakes. If you want to know whether you're investing at the right time, consider this valuable guide. 


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