These Days - Just A Verse, Swear Word Is Used Read Count : 52

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Sub Category : Rap

Lately, I been thinkin'. Why do I keep up this game? Always placing myself with the blame because I'm feeling shame for a dream. Just gravitize, then reorganize when the pieces hit the ground after the polarize. These days no one really gives a fuck,  just join the group,  then duck out to shake the thoughts out cuz that ain't what Im about.  Fucks are what I keep givin and I keep tryin to keep pushin flowin like I ain't gonna be losin placin cuz I ain't gonna be changin. Wait, is that nonsense? Its an irritant bein hesitant tryin to be resistant like I ain't lost the abilty to go at shit relentless. They all keep sayin I'm talentless,  I'm just a hindrance no one wants to even fuck with. Yeah, fuck it, these days Im a be me undoubtedly because y'all ain't who I'm tryin to make proud of me. I'll say it soundly,  fuck what y'all heard about me,  I don't even give all that many fucks about what you see. 
Yeah, these days.


  • Aug 22, 2019

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