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The Discovery.... 

It was a beautiful sunny afternoon on the last day of May. The sun was shining bright, the sky was a clear blue, and for the first time in a long time, I felt a tingle of excitement running down my spine as I was getting dressed in my room. I cranked up the volume on my stereo and sang along to Bruno Mars' 'Just The Way You Are', using my hairbrush as a microphone. There was a certain feel of lightness inside me which I couldn't quite put my finger on, and for the first time in a long time, I was really looking forward to going out. 

My steps were unsure when I arrived at the door of the Cosmo Dr Advertising Showroom located in my neighbourhood. The door was wide open. I peeked inside and saw a room with rows of chairs facing a white partition. Some of the seats were already occupied and with a quick scan, I noticed that most of the folks in the room were senior citizens like my mom. For a moment, I felt outnumbered and out of place. But just for a moment. I was the one who suggested to mom to check out the place that offers free health therapy and now that I was there with her, I wasn't going to turn back. I took a deep breath and took the lead, with mom following closely behind. The moment I stepped across the threshold, a gentle and friendly voice greeted us. 

"Hello," the voice said, "is this your first time here?"

I looked towards the direction of the voice and saw a friendly smiling face with a white headband tied around his head. His smile was so warm that I couldn't help smiling back. 

"Yes," I said, "it's our first time here."

What happened next came totally unexpected. Mr. Smiley Face turned around and made an announcement in a pretty loud voice. "We have newcomers!" he said, and the room exploded with a thunderous round of applause. 

I was taken aback. "What's going on....??!!"

I didn't have time to wonder as Mr. Smiley Face quickly led us to the front of the room and told us to take our seats and make ourselves comfortable. While mom and I were deciding where to sit, a sweet lady said, "You both are newcomers so you should sit in the front row to get a better view." 

"View...? What view?" I wondered. There was only a white partition up front with a whiteboard, some health posters, and names of the three health advisors running the showroom. I can't really rule those as "view", right? Anyway, while I was trying to make out what was happening, two ladies from the front row got up from their chairs and told mom and I to take their seats as they moved to sit at the back. We obliged, though I was still a bit confused. 

The moment we sat, all the other ladies that were seated in that front row turned to us with big smiles and warm greetings. Words like "welcome", "good to have you here", and "we hope you enjoy yourselves" were thrown at us. I was baffled, at the same time, I felt very welcomed by the warm reception that was shown to us.

As the chairs began to fill up, I took the opportunity to scan the posters on the walls which mostly zeroed in on one thing - blood. I also noticed the little mats that were placed on each chair and they were all connected to one another. I followed the connection to see where it leads to and saw a device at the end of each row. The device was plugged into the electric socket at the wall and the blue light on the device indicated that the machine was turned on. What the device does was a mystery to me at that time but I patiently waited to see what was in store. 

I was approached by two people last year about this therapy but at that time my heart wasn't opened to it. Then on May 30th this year, mom was approached by our next door neighbour about it. When mom told me about it, my heart was opened to try it out. Why, I'm not really sure. I guess I was curious to find out what the hype was all about. And as I sat in the showroom waiting to see what's coming, I kept an open mind with no expectation. 

Mr. Smiley Face took his position at the front of the showroom to kick start the therapy. My eyes were glued on him. He introduced himself. Lawrence, that's his name, and he explained that he and Ben were assisting their team leader, Zuhri, to deliver smiles and awareness to the participants in the showroom through the therapy.

Cosmo Dr is the name of the device and what the device does is it generates electron or negative ion along with micro massage throughout the whole body to improve blood circulation. Lawrence explained that the root cause of all ailments and illnesses is unhealthy blood in the body. I sat up straight when I heard this because I know that to be a fact. He got my attention. I hung onto his every word and from his delivery, I knew that he was stating legit facts. 

Lawrence was very fluent in his presentation. He explained how the device works and to further show that the therapy was ongoing, he produced a normal plastic file and a remote-like gadget that is an electron tester. He then proceeded towards each participant, asking us to put our hand on the plastic file as he touched our hand with the electron tester. When he came to me, I put my hand on the plastic file and I immediately felt a strong vibration on my hand. He then touched my hand with the electron tester and I heard a whirring sound. The same thing happened when he touched my shoulder and my knee with the electron tester. When he put the tester on himself, there was no sound. I thought that was pretty cool. He then told me to stand and put my hand on the plastic file. I felt no vibration and heard no sound. He explained it was because I had left the mat on the chair. He asked me to sit on the chair and put my hand on the file and I immediately felt the vibration again. 

"This is to show you that your body is undergoing therapy, that's why you feel the vibration. There is micro massage going through your body right now; one second, 70 times of tiny massage to improve your blood circulation. So, please enjoy your therapy," he said with a smile. 

I was stoked. Sitting on the chair I couldn't feel anything but knowing that my body is being charged with electron and getting micro massage at the same time to improve my blood circulation made me feel good. 

After Lawrence had finished testing all the participants in the room, he took his place at the front again. What came next was mindblowing. Lawrence broke into a song with words relating to whole body therapy, and he accompanied it with some pretty smooth Michael Jackson moves. Everybody in the room clapped while he sang and danced and mom and I clapped along. I was grinning. I never knew therapy could be this much fun. 

The session lasted for 45 minutes and I must say that time really flew. There wasn't a dull moment during the therapy as Lawrence kept us entertained with jokes and laughter. After the session was over, he came outside to talk to mom and I and to register us as part of the Cosmo Dr family. We were each given a 'gengki' (health) card, where he recorded our health issues. To be honest, I knew I was far from healthy, I wasn't sickly, but I do have some health issues. However, when Lawrence asked me about my health issues, I only told him about my back and knee pain (which were not major issues but were bothering me), and I also told him about my sleeping problem (which has been a 20 year disorder, but I watered it down). He wrote all that on my gengki card and told me to bring it along with me in each therapy session. I don't know what it was, or what really happened to me in that showroom that afternoon, but I walked away feeling good. 

As we walked away from the showroom, I turned to mom. "So what say you, mom, are we doing this or what?"

Mom turned to me with a grin. "Oh yes, we are definitely doing this!"


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