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     chapter 1 the first day at the academy: Mario: hello students! kirby: hai! DK: hey! Luigi: hi Mario! Mario: Luigi??? you're in the class with me? Luigi: yeah I got a letter from the academy to come here! Mario: uh.... okay..... so students our first class is reading! kirby: poyo! (. teacher!  ) Mario: yes kirby? kirby: poyo..... (.  i don't know how to read.... ) Mario: okay I'll teach you how to read! okay students get a book that you like! DK: this one! kirby: hmm.... poyo... (. hmmm.... i don't know with one to pick....) kirby: * gasp!* poyo! (.   * gasp!* this one! )   Mario: okay students did you find the book that you wanted? DK: yes! kirby: yes poyo! (. yes Mario!   )   Luigi: yes big bro! Mario: okay now read them for me! kirby: * reads book* Mario: good job kirby! you were reading the best book ever! * after school* Mario: bye students see you tomorrow! especially you kirby! kirby: heh heh.... Mario: except for Luigi. come in here! Luigi: oh okay Mario! Mario: Luigi i thought i told you can't come? Luigi: but the academy said..... Mario: oh! shut up! about the academy! Luigi: but..... Mario: shut up! Luigi: ......


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