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Find you, to be you, to be love.
You are love.

Finding yourself is hard when you don't know who you are, someone or something made you forget. That's confused for soul loss, but it's really loss of soul. Your soul is not lost, part of your soul has run away but it remains a part of you, it is you, you cannot be anything but that, YOU. 

I learn by comparing. 

What does habit mean to me? 
Forming a habit, takes time and doing. 
When you put these words together it translates to habit and is then a way of being while going back to a "specific" thing for whatever reason. Each thing has meaning. That's where science begins to lose the fight, what does it mean to live. To breathe, but why, to survive, but why survive with so much pain, to serve your purpose, why is there a purpose that has to be fulfilled, because sue there is a reason, and why does there have to be a reason? 

Drugs are the addiction that caused so much hurt and pain, but with that came enlightment and true spiritual enlightment for me therefore opening my mind up the the very answers I already knew. I always knew that love was the healing to pain, but it's the trauma that makes us forget love is us who we are and not finding that even sober causes pain sober or not sober. Again. Trauma is the root, that trauma has its reason for happening. If it caused pain why would it be here? Who wanted it? Why is it allowed? Why does no one want the cure? It can only be healed if it's meaning is spread. The lesson comes from it yes, many learn to understand that lesson is the answer. In all reality, each lesson and that lesson only is perceived by each one of us in its own perspective and the things of this world world happened because of how the world is. If the world is love then you will be love also. Right now, the way the world is, it's is being manipulated, and hurt by us to the point that it causes us to be vulnerable because it itself if vulnerable. 


Forming  of life 


  • this is true but if love is meant to be no matter what u will work for it and try to make it work

    Sep 06, 2019

  • it was good

    Sep 06, 2019



    indeed it's true

    Sep 29, 2019

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