Live For Today? Read Count : 31

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This idea keeps popping up
It’s a great thought no doubt 
But it leaves something out
It takes the wrong route 

Good idea if you’re life is swell
Ridiculous if your life is hell 
Either way with sweet or sorrow 
To  maintain or improve you need tomorrow 

Today determines tomorrow 
They’re always joined 
Disregard next days 
You can get burned 

If you live by chance 
It’s like throwing dice
Even if the next day
Turns out nice

If you’re in a rut and afraid to think
Or the day is good and you hold your breath 
You rely On guesswork to live you life
You never know just what you’ll get

Play it smart and plan ahead
That’s a better chance for you to tell
With mature responsibility 
You can live real well


  • Very nice keep it up

    Aug 25, 2019

  • Aug 26, 2019

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