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I am Pallavi and I was born in Victoria Hospital  in United Kingdom and I was brought up in Mauritius in between my grandparents and family as a whole. Then I went back to United Kingdom at the age of 9, I did my kindergarten and primary school in Kingsley Primary School in Croydon. Then I did an exam to get a College then,because of my grandparents health I needed to go back to Mauritius and start the cycle all again. When I finished my primary School in Mauritius, I went to do my college in Hindu Girls' College, where I did my my form 1-5 after this I failed in my olevel exams then, I went to do it in Full Day Sss Curepipe, where I did my olevel again and I passed and I also did my a level where I passed. When my exams finished I waited for the results, then I went to Charles Telfair Moka in Mauritius where I did my Business Diploma, and I got good and sincere friends there, then I passed with flying colors and in April 2020 I will be graduated.Then I found my true love named Vikesh,where we spent memorable moments before I come to UK.  Finally, my journee brought me back to the country I was born, but now in reading, right now I will do my dream course and job afterwards Social Work and counseling in Reading College and working in the post office to earn money. Leaving in a flat in Reading with my brother and mother. My next plan in 4 to 5 years is to work to do my dream job and start working and get married to vikesh in Mauritius. Hope our love story will be successful after all these storms... 


  • My Story

    Aug 25, 2019

  • Good luck! I thoroughly enjoyed this 🙌🏾 I’m rooting for you. You should read my 1st writing and let me know what you think😁

    Aug 25, 2019

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