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We are more than just a community    
We are an international nation
With their pens and and talents 
We’re a traveling sensation

We  have visited their countries 
Which is wonderful enough 
They have come to ours and exchanged
Some good as well as rough 

We’ve written of our issues 
Filled with pride as well as pain 
Both personal and national
With hope for life to gain

The gifts we have been given 
And the those we’ve given others 
Has united us together 
As poetic sisters and brothers

We’ve traveled in a way 
That for most would be impossible 
We’ve been enriched with knowledge 
We never thought was possible 

We have a better understanding 
Of their culture and their hearts
This won’t lead to “Peace On Earth”
But it’s sure a valiant start


  • Aug 24, 2019

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    Aug 24, 2019

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