Hardways Of Living As A Small Boy When I Was Growing Up When I Was Like 5 Years Old I Can Remember February Hot Wheels I Had And I Could Remember My B Read Count : 30

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Sub Category : Horror


  • when I turned eight seven my one older brother Gordon Wilson sexually touching me I told him he got a way with it. and my grandma come up she bought a camp house she took all us kids camping to her camp house we were Young for while we were out on the beach we all ran out it was time for supper where all the kids sitting around the table I was eating my meals the other kids were yelling I'd like to see what they're yelling about my one sister said the pepper shaker slid down the table I didn't see it the kids started yelling and screaming ran out the door I heard the grown-ups yelling and screaming seen them run out the door then I seen the shaw shaker slide down the table then I ran out the door we went home Grandma sold the camp house.

    Aug 24, 2019

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