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There’s a better way to achieve the complete log home atmosphere than using full logs in its construction. Do it by installing log siding on the interior and exterior of your log home.

Thousands of people are making the switch with their cabin and home plans because:
•	You will save a log of money, time, and effort with log siding.
•	It removes the danger of using risky full logs and a crane.
•	Build your log cabin faster and with less material waste.
•	Homeowners with entry-level carpentry skills can install the siding.
•	You can obtain videos that demonstrate step-by-step instructions. 
•	Less maintenance will be required over the years than with full logs. 

If you are not sold on log siding yet, consider other ways you will benefit from its use:
	Weather is less of a factor when receiving, storing, and installing than with full logs.
	The tongue and groove with end-matching features make it a pleasure to install.
	Fewer tools are required to complete the project.
	Its insulating properties, including between the sidings, has high R-value.
	Interior log siding comes in smooth, hand-hewn, and pre-finished surfaces.
If you have the skills and fundamental woodworking tools, you can save a lot of money by installing all or most of the siding yourself. An intrinsic benefit that cannot be overlooked is the self-satisfaction of doing some of the work yourself. When the job is completed, stand back and admire what you have done, and smile. When you’re finished, take the time to decorate the interior to your heart’s desire.

How Do You Prefer Your Interior Log Siding?

Most log cabin and log home owners match the interior siding with the outside siding style. Of course, you can tailor this effort to your own preferences. Choose from smooth, hand-hewn, or pre-finished pine and cedar pieces in convenient sizes. Each piece from our millwork is hand- inspected for quality and defects so you get exactly what you are looking for.

These illustrations show the raw wood on the left and the hand-hewn wood siding on the right. The hand-hewn style will look like this whether you stain and finish it or we do the work. The third illustration shows hand-hewn (peeled) logs in a different shade of stain. 

Call us at 800-818-9971 for more information on all Log Home Shoppe’s siding and finishing products. Not sure how much to order? We can help with that too because our trained siding specialists have accurately estimated the amount of siding needed for hundreds of log cabin and home builders.


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