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Really tho jennifer? U sure told him the business and how things was going to be like. He going to say we just friends im like okay well I dont sleep with none of my friends and there all dudes..that caught his attention and was like i BELONG to him basically.. then esponza walked up on us. After he left juan was like you want to go take a shower?? I looked up and was like huh he repeated hjimself and said come on then.. im glad he understands my doing and talkin to da other mex guys aint shit.he did mention last night bout hector buggin me. But hector did apologize for it.. he going to tell me not to be so jealous and crazy that he dont like it.. but oh well its been this long  now with my fucd up self.. lol. He shoyld be used of it.after all this we accomplish nothing at all.. and 20 bucks towards my fines. But  I asked for 25 but that helps me out a lil bit. And next week duece is going to have to pay my phone I need him to stay on this job and continue to be  responsible for him and i.. also to keep his ass out of jail and fined paid up child support and pay for his classes too now that he moved out he must pay.and hopefully rita will rent him that room it well help both of them out. Oh yeah it dont look like i want to be a crybaby tonight anymore.   Id be ok if i didn't get these fucd up thots and my mind runs with it..i think thats when i get to missing him and his presence..i blessed his house and him and his FUTURE with or without me.. even tho at that time i thot I wasnt going to do it anymore.. lol. Fuc it.  So i gave him a blow job while I was sitting on the towlet  lol.. for old time sakes.. i dont mind really  fr fr.. anyway haters go over there now and bop him up and suck that bloody dick off.. ha and dats me talking shit.  But yeah we get down like that sometimes. I encourage u all get checked at the health department cuz him and i are clean.. and i dont no bout u other chicken heads.. no need to be hateful about it jus spiting sum real shit .from the looks of things my ass still going to be around.. like i mention before that I wasnt going no were but that mf did cut me off from staying so much..and i really want to no now why he really wanted me to leave?? Is it cuz all these females and his guy friends all got jealous of us first then he started acting funny to satisfy there needs he asked me to many times if i was fucn sum nigga's while living there with him meaning cheating on him. Thats wat he heard anyway..well his fucn resource can suck a dick cuz they all hated on me everyone of them like 20 people,and none of them really don't no me cuz I dont fuc wirh any of them but oh cone to find out Delores did that was the last person i thot would talk shit but after I went thru his phone EXPLAINS everything whore.. do ur husband know?? And yeah juan started telling the one he was fucn on that he didnt want me there to keep u slut buckets  happy and to let u hear wat u wanted to hear.. but the whole time i was there he didnt ask me to leave until the very end cuz we started fighting over u whores.and him talking shit down on me.and shit he was doin to piss me off cuz all u hatin bitchs done filled his head up on lies about me.thats alright tho cuz wat comes around goes around..its called karma.. or reap what you sown.. didnt one of u actually try to know me if u were really his friend.but a hand full but them fat fucks turned out to be 2faced and police callers..yup i aint forgot about that easter sunday morning.. i went to jail..i hope all of u get wat u deserve in the future or now.stumble haters or fan club of mines.  Thanks cuz u keep me popular like a star in a spot light. By gossiping about me.. means you all are really jealous of me.. so calling me names and saying I'm ugly sure dont hurt my feelings cuz i no for a fact that i am stop childern or are u hoes slow retarted like?? I aint neva seen or had so many people to hate on me EVER rt..  at one damn time..but ya is fucd up for that didnt ur mama not teach u to stay out of peoples relationship business?? Well u been told now so teach ur childern then so they will no in the future. And so u mf's know u fucd me up over it cuz I really do give a fuc about juan.. caused our break up.  And u caused my heart pain and now i want u to all hurt like i do one day in ur own relationships..and see how u like it.. and next time u will no not to intrude in anybodys relationship period.but fuc it now it is wat it is..and if u must no i was teaching him how to deal with the voices as well..were like each other cuz we can hear things u dont hear or understand..a gift from God..u all missed up our fruitful future that was post to play out.but didnt happen..and sense u all made me cry more than once i hope our father in heaven disiplines u all for it.. and afterwards i forgive u all for it..look i am being a crybaby after all .. anyways I really do love juan and regardless were going to be around each other..but thanks to u he lost sum respect for me cuz of it..i didnt once ever do anything to u all personally  how dare u fuck tards lie on me consistently?? Oh yeah wow u knocked me for going to church and staying home being lazy cuz why juan told me i didnt have to work that he would provide for us.but the house was spotless and his laundry hung and done..and so wat if. I stayed home or caught a ride with my best friend that is black name shonill back and fourth from the library.that was my transportation and i love reading books if u must no.. its called knowledgeing myself and learning to be wise. Now if we were on the same level of mind u would alrdy knew ur place to hush and be humble and not to covet thy neighbor's wife.. aka husbandman at the time..if u had any respect for my father and his commandments i wouldnt be carrying on to tell and teach ur dumb ass's like im doing now so take it to heed and dont ever forget who skoold u before..anyway good night go in peace.and stay blessed or a lesson..and i still love me sum juan despite him doing him but me only doing day it will workout for us or not moved da fuc on with a painful memory.. later..


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