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Look, my past few writings haven't really been all that good. and I want to make them better you no more exciting. But, I've decided to do a q&A or dare! And, if you've read my writings then you should know what my creepypasta characters are, if you don't, don't stress, I'm going to tell you who my creepypasta characters are: laughing Jack, Slender Man, offenderman, Splendor Man, trenderman, Sally, Ticci Toby, Masky, slendrina, shadow box, Ace, hoodie, lazari, zalgo, ecliptic Melody, and last but not least me! Now that you know all of the creepypasta characters, the only way you could ask a question or Dare is to leave a comment on this post. And if this post gets up to 15 comments and 25 views, then I will make the q&A Truth or Dare post. Now if you have no clue what a creepypasta is, then you might want to go do your research. Because I'm not going to tell you what they are. Now I want to give a special thanks to Jared DeMoss for making writers outlet. I've always wanted to be an author whenever I grew up and I'm only 10, it's probably going to be a good 20 years before I can become one. and right now the only thing that's keeping me from you know, breaking is this. And a few of the writers that has inspired me is of course, the one and only.... Jackie.
(Ghost Jack the Ferryman!!!🙃)
Now... People say that Jack hates,
Well let me tell you, he doesn't hate he just tells the straight-up truth, I know, I know, he may seem like a dick, but he's a good person! don't judge him! 
Another surplus about Jack is the fact that he has great writings and people like the judge him and say he hates and blah blah blah then, if you seriously hate Jack that much then, F*** YOU!!!
No one should be hating in writers outlet.
it's called writers outlet for a reason. So you can write freely that's what outlet means!!!!

Now you can also ask me questions because you know I'm the one who's writing this. You can ask me whatever you want just don't make it inappropriate or awkward. But whatever it is I'll make sure the pastas and I will be able to respond to them. 
I love you all!
 have a great and bloody day!

PS. If you want Eyeless Jack, Lulu, Ben drowned, Jane the killer, Clockwork, and Jeff the killer in there too, just comment questions and dares for them too!
Luv y'all!


  • I hope you guys have some great questions or dares! and please let me know if you want me to write more! 🖤🖤🖤

    Aug 22, 2019

  • Sep 04, 2019

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