Satan Opediology? Read Count : 41

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Sub Category : Comedy
Me: hmm... Ugh! There's literally nothing about creepypastas here! Huh? Satan Opediology...? Who's that? Welp only one way to find out! (Clicks on account). Woah! He has sooo many writings! Hmm... Where to start..? How about this writing! (Clicks on random writing). Wait... there's a God Opediology too?! And apparently, they are friends...And even a Sin Opediology?! God man Opediologys are there?!
Hmm.... He's not online now... I'll message him and see what he says 😊
(After messaging him...) There now we- Sally: Boo! Me: igfchff ud dd idudcfvjc juch,,'("6& ugh! What the hell Sally?! I'm trying to do a writing! Sally: haha! That's revenge for making me and lazzi gross!
Me: I did that for a God damn writing!
Sally: 0.0
Sally: fuck you and your writings!
Sally: (teleports away)
Me: fuck you tooo!


  • Aug 22, 2019

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