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He wraps his arms around her
Like wrapping a ribbon around a gift

He lifts her chin up as he leans in to make his lips touch hers
So soft
Almost bloke the furry blanket you wrap up in the winter
So sweet
Almost like honey

But something feels off
Something feels wrong
She doesn't say anything because she can't comprehend what exactly is wrong

It's like a puzzle
But all the pieces aren't there

Is it the absence of conversation? 
Is it the absence of romance? 
Is it the absence of just doing something different? 
Maybe it's all three

She doesn't know
It seems as though he's holding back

Yeah he's there
In the way she can clearly see him next to her
It doesn't feel like he's there emotionally
It sometimes feels like he rather be there with someone else

Maybe she's overthinking
She's just overthinking

Because he tells her he loves her
He tells her she is his everything
He tells her she is good enough
She is the only one he wants
And he's physically there with her
His arm around her
Like she's only his

Why doesn't that seem to be enough? 
Maybe because he said it all before
He went and crawled into someone else's bed
Someone else's arms

And she is absolutely terrified that he will do it again
It's the monster under her bed
It's her biggest fear

What does she do? 
She asks him what's wrong
But he says there's nothing wrong
But she can see it in his face

He's there beside her
But his mind is a million miles away


  • Maurice  Beres

    Maurice Beres


    Aug 22, 2019

  • 唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐(荔葭,)(荔葭,)(荔葭,)(荔葭,)

    Aug 22, 2019

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