To Those Parents -Think Read Count : 40

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Why are you being so cruel 
Do you think without mean discipline 
Your breaking your golden rule

You children are human beings
They hurt and fear like you can
you feel what they are seeing 
Will they punish just like you

If you believe this is the way to deal with
their behavior 
For - that’s the way your parents did They thought they’d be your savior 

Have you ever tried to talk to tham 
Or listen to what they say
Does your voice or your attitude simply 
tell them “Don’t Bother Me -Go Away”

I know know you may be offended by what you just have read
The situation’s not ended
If you stop and think instead 

Parenting is difficult we know how much the  stress 
But love and  responsibility are vital
In this role -do you address 

As they grow and they mature and then 
reveal their insight 
It may cause you to evaluate 
Were you wrong or were you right


  • Aug 21, 2019

  • Aug 21, 2019

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