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Not soon enough
tonight or tomorrow.
Days full of sorrow
without the feeling of my smile.
Not for a while,
nor a year
to fear 
staying here
any longer.
My spirit is disappearing farther
far away from my soul,
without any sunshine to hold.
Yet, my heart has been smoldering
from the flames of frustration.
My mind is full of contemplation
and within my life,
lies no relaxation.
I've been out this way too long
to know that I do not belong,
nor should have I ever come here.
It's finally clear
to me
of where I need to be
to continue to fly solo.
Into the realms of freedom
that has no hollow
or empty spaces
and unfamiliar wicked faces
that leave their traces
of nothing but negativity
from city to city,
and town to town
with folks full of frowns
that constantly act like Halloween clowns.
I'm tired and I'm sad.
I'm beginning to get mad
and lose my cool.
But I don't want to act like a fool.
I don't want to be like what's around me.
I just want to be...
far, far away to the place that's waiting for me.
I can't wait 
any longer.
My heart is feeling fonder
for my new destiny
by the high mountains and all the exotic fruit trees.
The land where the elephants roam free,
surrounded by ocean waters 
and deep blue seas.
That's it...



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