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Not much inspiration to write 
A lot of motivation to read
Traveling through these many writings 
The working word just screams -

Almost everything I’ve read today 
Has me feeling in dismay 
It’s like they all picked the same theme
And they all released the exact same scream

Their words do differ
Their stories do as well 
What they have in common 
Is facing the same hell 

Hidden behind their descriptive writing 
This message I receive
They all appear to have lost their souls
That they’re battling to retrieve 

I recall a similar issue 
At depths of deep despair 
No one can understand that pain
Unless you were right there

It took me years and brutal work
To loosens demons grip
They joyed in capturing my forlorn soul
With a tightened evil grip 

I called upon remaining strength 
Family and Friends who cared
I called upon supporting groups 
To quell my heart felt tears 

The work was bitter - result was sweet
We knocked those demons off their feet 
It was a journey that took some time
A perilous mountain we had to climb

Their common denominator seems to be
From their demons- to be free
If they have the strength and the will to fight 
They can send those bastards into the night 

It’s not an easy challenge to take
To free your soul is what’s at stake 
If you decide to live in pain
Your captured soul will in chains remain  

If you believe you deserve to live a happy life the effort can give 
Then give yourself this golden chance 
To free your soul with life enhanced 


  • Aug 20, 2019

  • Maurice, i love how you are so observant. And i love it even more when you are inspired to impart words of wisdom from your close observations of the things you observe. It is true, we are all dealing with one thing or another and some are battling with their own demons. Though it may sometimes appear like it's a common theme or pattern, it may just be a coincidence. Writing about it is a good way of letting it out of your system as it's healthier than to keep things bottled up. I know you mean well, that you have a very caring heart and you wish to instill positivity. But sometimes, when things look a little too bleak, it can be hard to look at the bright side. Some may take a longer time to clear the fog that's clouding their mind. Another beautiful piece. Love this!💜

    Aug 21, 2019

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