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I have a confession to make. I have had the biggest crush on my best friend since the day we met. To me, it feels like we are already in love, but I don't know if it's official. We've been best friends for forever from what I can remember, and are also living happily together. We'd play together all the time, share our meals, and treat eachother to gifts whenever we get the chance to. She'd take me out to places that we both enjoy, and in return, I'd protect her and do whatever she ask of me(I'm a pretty big guy myself so you wouldn't want to mess with me).

There are times that I wish she didn't have to leave for hours at a time so that we can be with eachother, but she always remembers to bring back home something special for us, whether big or small. It just melts my heart that she knows exactly what I want or need, even if I don't tell her or ask for it. Whenever I bring her gifts, it would brighten her day and she would always take it with open arms and be soo happy that I got it just for her. When I get sick, she worries soo much about my health and does her best to take care of me through the illness. And when she don't feel well, I just do my best to lift her spirits and help her through it however I can. It makes me soo happy that we have gone through soo much together and still love eachother all through these years.

Although she can be clumbsy at times like dropping her stuff so I have to pick up after her and sometimes things slip out of her hands when we are playing together and I have to get it back or she'd be forgetful at times and ask me for help, it's alright, everyones not perfect and that's what I love alot about her, because I think it's a cute trait that makes her that much more adorable. She can be bratty sometimes and order me around for her pleasure, but I don't mind it, because when I get grouchy, she appeals to my every needs as well, so its a trade. Sometimes when I feel lonely at night or after she's had a long day alone, we would cuddle eachother and sleep our worries away(We have our own separate beds and all, but sometimes she prefers for me to sleep on her bed). 

There are times that we don't understand eachother and we won't really understand eachother's needs from time to time, it's only due to the lack of communication between eachother. But, its ok, we'd just let it slide and forget about it like we do our problems. 

I wish I could let her know my feelings for her, but she probably won't understand it, or perhaps she already knows.


"Hi! How's my Good Boy doing?"

(Happy woof)

"Yeah, Whooo's uh Good Booy huh?"

(Happy bark, wag tail)

"Whoo's a good boy?"

(Happy Bark, jump all over)

"That's riiight, you are."

(Happiness Noise)

Ohhh, How I love her love and affection soo much.

Written while listening to:

Can we be best friends in love - Abbey Glover


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