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I'm afraid of love, falling in love, and a committed relationship. I know how I almost never say I love you to my friends for the people I'm interested in. Somehow when I fall for a person I fall hard for a short period Of time, then it's begins to slowly fade. My longest relationship is two months and I'm not typically the best at long relationships. How to keep long-term relationships I have no clue how to act when things begin to get serious in relationships I have no clue for some reason odd reason I feel the need to break up with people in a month or so because I'm afraid of getting hurt in a relationship because I'm not mentally afraid of anything physical or anything happening I'm mentally just afraid of getting hurt and falling in love it's not like I'm afraid of a concept of Love falling in love it's just not like I'm going to run and scream away if I see love. But it's the concept of it only being one way love you were the only one falling when they are just fine. So more or less I'm afraid of being the only one who Falls Love Hurts I see happened to all my friends everyone I get close to they find someone they love and one way or the other a heart gets broken. Love is scary but I'm ready to finally face the fear.


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