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When someone says “Keep Smiling “
And inside you are crying 
Do you smile for them
Or that’s the way you’ve been

Is that you choice not to explain 
The turbulence within 
You refuse to share the pain
For where would you begin

Is it for their protection 
You pick ‘this strategy 
Is it the right direction 
So they just will not see

Or are you just reluctant 
To magnify what’s hard
Believing it will lessen pain
So you’ll go with facade 

It’s important to release the stress 
It’s worse to let it rise
But with your pain who should you address 
For them- to now surmise 

If you have people you can trust 
And methods to release 
You can channel them as best you can
With hope it brings you peace 


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    Aug 19, 2019

  • Aug 19, 2019

  • An inspiring gem 💜

    Aug 19, 2019

  • 😊🧠👏 amazing, just amazing

    Aug 20, 2019

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