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Peopel often times wish to be beautiful and have the perfect stunning body image. I dont agree with these wishes. Being beautiful can only get u so far. People dont know how far u can get on being funny or smart or athletic. All I hear people talk about is them wishing to be prettier. Even if there already stunning they dont see it and put themselves down; calling themselves ugly or fat constantly. Its hard to tell if they actually believe that they are ugly or if they're just fishing for compliments. People nowadays don't understand the disappointment and burden that's held with being beautiful that's all they wish and all they see on Instagram and Snapchat they just want to be beautiful but I don't care about anything on the inside. And everyone talks about self-love and being themselves but no one really falls into that everyone one way or another tries to be someone who will fit in with Society and all that the measures to call with that whether it's changing their fashion sense to match what's popular their likes and dislikes and listening to the same music is popular influencers do. Beauty is a curse it makes people see you a certain way and when you tell them you like things that most other people who look like you don't like then they get confused and question whether you're normal or not whether it's dressing differently listening to different music wearing different makeup anything that doesn't fit in with what they're used to seeing with people that look like you. They put you into a box because everyone who looks like you isn't like you. Life is so different with all the things we deal with now with the extensive amount of social media and the way things are done on it no one does things in person anymore is even sweet enough to do anything along the lines of people the way things used to be I think beauty is a curse and you should too.


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