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Your traveling life’s highway 
There’s a fork in the road 
You make your decision 
With little precision 

When issues arise
And you’re unprepared 
It’s more than surprise
With an element of scared 

It doesn’t take much 
When you reflect back on choice
With a curious rush
From your inner voice 

Wondering intensely
 As you remember your turn
Where was I headed
Was the decision to firm

It didn’t take long
To decide where to go
You hit tragic times 
But how would you know 

You can’t see your future 
You strive for the best
The result is reality 
Not a brief test

It’s also important 
To see the flip side
The joy and satisfaction 
That you should not hide

It’s easy to wonder
On “what might have been “
It’s an excersize in futility 
You can’t turn around to begin life again

It could have been better 
It might have been worse 
No point lamenting 
About your turn choice

Rely on experience some good and
Some bad
Use them to guide you with all that you’ve had
Steer to life quality with all that you’ve learned 
You may be rewarded for the way that you turned


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