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Call it love a first sight
How do you know  it’s right 
At this point wa understand 
The heart’s in command

You’re on top of the world
Whether it’s the first time 
Or you’ve  been there before
There are some things that you shouldn’t ignore 

You’re full of expectations 
With magic anticipation
 Your heart leads the way
Can’t wait for the next day 

As you continue together 
There’s a dim in the allusion 
Your head steps in and says
“There’s a little confusion “

If you’re been there before 
You know it’s something real 
A definite warning sign
Your memor  reveals 

There’s no need to panic 
But continue with caution 
No need to get manic
Just ready precautions 

The relationship can still work 
With head and with heart 
Working as one
Don’t keep them apart 

If it’s still working 
As time passes by
You’re indeed lucky
 With that gleam in your eye

Please don’t forget we hope it’s not true
An eventual breakup can happen to you
If it occurs it will cause you some pain
But like many others You’ll overcome- meet another 
               AND BEGIN AGAIN 


  • Aug 18, 2019

  • Aug 18, 2019

  • Aug 19, 2019

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